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Imagine if the 3 Wise Men Had Been Women

Some Nigerian wrote… If the 3 wise men had been women, they would have asked for directions instead of following the star. They would have presented gifts such as Pampers (diapers), feeding bottle, napkins and so on. And after leaving one would …

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The Warri Boy Who Almost Fell For Scammers

  If you lived in Warri and was searching for a job, you’d totally relate to the story you’re about to read. I too was once scammed by a bunch of no-gooders who called themselves ‘Community Leaders’. Myself, my friend …

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11 Countries With The Largest Manhood Size

Okay, so I’ve been getting series of silly ‘enlarge your penis’ emails from a guy named Sir Gabriel who says he’s a penis enlarging expert. The first time I got a mail from him, I paid him no attention because …

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The Taboo Of Menstruating In India

Ladies, we all know how it feels when it’s “that time of the month”. The bloating, the mood swings, the cramps and the general discomfort  of wearing a tampon or sanitary pad. As if that was not enough, imagine if you …

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Happy Halloween From Peace Ben Williams Blog

Happy Halloween! In Nigeria, we do not celebrate Halloween. It has no roots or origin in Africa. So for now, we are content with our Egungun and Ekpe festivals. But won’t stop us from telling our Oyibo friends, ‘Happy trick or …

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