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The PSquare Break Up Story – My Deevanalysis

Yesterday, the media went agog with the news that our beloved musical duo, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye of PSquare were on the verge of breaking up. There’s even small gossip that the handsome twin brothers racked each other on …

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Deevanalysis For September, 2013

Hello, darling PBWB readers. The month of September ended so fast! It was like, I shut my eyes and when I opened it…October. So much happened in September and I’m so excited that I can’t wait to share them with …

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Deevanalysis For August, 2013

Hello, my esteemed PBWB readers, welcome to the month of September and the last quarter of 2013. We must be thankful to the creator for keeping us alive thus far. It doesn’t matter if we’ve achieved our 2013 goals yet, …

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Deevanalysis For February 2013

Hello dear readers, thanks for staying with me through the month of February. It’s been a trying month especially for Nigerians so I hope we are all hanging in there? Since Peace Ben Williams Blog moved to a new web host, it lost …

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Deevanalysis For January 2013

Welcome to a new month dear readers, and welcome to a new phase of Peace Ben Williams Blog! First I’d like to apologise for all the hitches you might have experienced. I was moving my website from a dot.com domain …

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Deevanalysis For December 2012

Hurray!!!  We did it! We made it to 2013!! Darling readers, thanks for sticking it out with me through it all. We made over 100,000 HITS  on the Peace Ben Williams Blog this month!!! Progress, progress… from 73,233 hits to 102, 084 …

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