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Deevanalysis For November 2012

Hello dear readers, thanks for staying with me through the month of November. We made it from 45,273 to 73,233 hits on Peace Ben Williams Blog this month. My top 10 views by countries in November are: 1) USA; 2) UK; …

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Deevanalysis October 2012

Peace Ben Williams Hello readers, I’m so excited reaching out to you guys through my second deevanalysis. It feels like we were all running a race, and I tell you we may have just run faster than Usain Bolt! 😉 …

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Deevanalysis For September, 2012

Hello readers, this is my first analysis ever. Since my analysis is coming from the viewpoint of a diva, I have decided to call it my deevanalysis. When I started blogging actively on September 4, 2012, I didn’t know how it would turn out; …

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