Charles Novia’s Putting Seyi Shay’s Channel O Dress on Blast…My Deevanalysis


SEYI SHAY 1Nigerian singer  Seyi Shay wore a sheer black dress to the Channel O awards last weekend which got people talking and many thought was her dress was scandalous.

Personally I didn’t think so much about the dress because I’ve seen her American counterparts wear worse. My eyes have been wounded by so much worse scandalous sheer dresses that seeing Seyi pair hers with black grandma pants and a full cup black satin bra seemed decent in my eyes.

However, Charles Novia didn’t spare her. The Nollywood producer /director turned social critic took to twitter yesterday to slam the singer over the dress and in his typical manner, Charles was not merciful. He even went as far as implying that Seyi Shay’s career will soon end.

When some people came at him for taking a mean jab at the singer’s career, the critic was very prompt to apologise. Read his tweets below…

SEYI SHAY- TWT-1 SEYI SHAY- TWT-2Then he tweeted this apology…SEYI SHAY- TWT-3My Deevanalysis

Personally I think Charles Novia is a fine and well-balanced critic. The truth about our Nigerian society is we’ve grown so used to hero-worshipping and ass-licking that seeing someone who delivers their perspective from a different angle that challenges status quo is often times seen as an antagonist, a hater as they say in modern terms or worse still an enemy of progress.

In truth, the aim of criticism is to trigger or provoke a social reform and any writer that isn’t able to achieve that has no power in his ink. Likewise, anyone that isn’t able to assimilate and ponder on the writer’s words pragmatically has a small mind.

Charles proved his criticism was purely for reform when he apologised for taking a jab at the singer’s career. When one wears a dress like that, the main aim is to get people talking. Some people will say yay to the dress and some will say nay. Just as you are entitled to dress as you like, people are also entitled to talk about it the way they like. As Ms. Shay’s job was to show her business, Novia’s job was to slam the look. I think critics should be allowed to do their job. They create the balance to an otherwise socially chaotic society.

Ms. Shay did respond to Mr. Novia’s tweet and here’s what she said…SEYI SHAY- TWT-4Foremost Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji gave Seyi a two thumbs up for her reply and even wrote on her blog that she thought Ms. Shay responded “in a classy ladylike manner.” Now that word ‘lady’ has truly been bastardized in recent times. Ladies are very rare to find these days if you ask me. And class, well let’s not even go there because it means different things to different people.

The truth is when you talk of a lady in terms of clothing, think Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. That is the definition of lady and how they should appear. But of course these days, such dress sense is seen as drab and unappealing. In Nigeria, there are women like Nike Oshinowo who are fashion forward, look extremely appealing but still manage to keep the last drop of classy class intact. Ms. Oshinowo’s carriage and personality all add up to someone I’d gladly hand over the title of ‘lady’ to.

The job of a gossip blogger is as anger-inciting as that of a social critic so one should have empathy for the other knowing that at all times, both are sailing on the dangerous waters of public opinion, simply because they are doing their job.

In the end, like all those who made fame from challenging status quo and sailing on the dangerous waters of public opinion; like the late Joan Rivers, Wendy Williams, our own Emmy Collins and Charles Novia, and probably me (although I’m not there yet)…I say let the critics do their job.


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