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Charly Boy Responds To Reno Omokri’s Jab On Peace Ben Williams Blog

reno-charly boy-1So this drama happened right on Peace Ben Williams Instagram Blog, but first the back story…
Yesterday, CharlyBoy Oputa posted a rant on his Instagram page about Nigeria not having an official air carrier while pastors owned luxury private jets.

The legendary Afrobeat singer turned activist/ ‘Voice of the Masses’ a.k.a. Area Fada wrote,

“What a shame, Nigeria don’t even have a national air carrier yet there are over 100 private jets owned by some con men/pastors called men of God and thieves called Leaders/politicians.
May the revolution consume the bastards.”

Reno Omokri who was the Special Adviser on New Media in former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration responded to the rant. Omokri is also a pastor and minister based in San Francisco, California so I guess he didn’t find Area Fada’s rant funny.

Reno wrote,

“I don’t understand Charles Oputa’s (Charly Boy) complaint about Nigeria not having a National airline yet pastors have private jets. He even called pastors ‘conmen’ because of that.
Not all pastors are conmen. Are pastors responsible for Nigeria not having a national airline? What is the connection here? Is this senility? Are Nigerian pastors the politicians that ruined Nigerian Airways?
Come on man. Activism is good, but this blind lashing out at pastors is very opportunistic! It is like saying Charly Boy is a conman because he has a car yet his state has no mass transit bus system!
Charly Boy, you are from Imo state. Face the real conman that is busy using your state’s resources to build statues for foreign leaders with no connection to Imo. And while you are at it, face your ‘Happiness Commissioner’.”

reno-charly boy-2The story was carried on Peace Ben Williams Instagram Blog and Area Fada visited our blog to respond. He wrote,

“Yes not all. Most of them sha, Na thief. Using God’s name in vain, thunder Fire 🔥 dem.”reno-charly boy-3

I’m a sucker for intelligent men. Reno Omokri and Charles ‘CharlyBoy’ Oputa are no doubt two of Nigeria’s most intellectually endowed gentlemen. Both presented very valid points in their own right. So refreshing to see two intellectuals spar with words. I enjoy following them on social media.

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