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Chinese Mum Sparks Outrage Online For Carrying Her Baby in a Designer Bag [SEE PHOTO]

BABY IN BAGThis photo reminds me of those days Paris Hilton used to carry her little chihuahua in her designer tote. I also have to agree that it’ll give any mother who sees this photo an unsettling feeling.

This Chinese mother invoked outrage online when she shared this cheeky photo of her carrying her nine month old son in her handbag. The 26-year-old woman, Xue Hsueh popped the baby in her designer tote while she chatted to friends.

One of her friends took the photo and Xue liked it so much that she posted it online. What followed next was she faced a serious backlash from the public.

Many compared her action to women who carry their tiny dogs around in their designer bags. One Commenter, WuLei34 said:

‘Designer babies, the latest accessory that every woman must have.’

While another person, LucyX added:

‘I wonder what she will do when the straps break on her handbag?’

However, MetroUK reports that Xue defended herself, saying her baby was only in the handbag very briefly. She added that she had actually been making a joke about what childcare would be like if it was left to men. She says it was clear that her son thought it was fun and was enjoying himself. And she only posted it to raise a smile.

Hmmm…okay…if you say so.



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