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Chinese Supermarket In Abuja Welcomes Back Nigerian Shoppers After Denying Them Entry [SEE STATEMENT]

CHINESE SUPERMARKET-660x387Some days back, a Nigerian chef, Aminu Idris raised an alarm that he was denied entry a Chinese supermarket located at No. 9 Bauchi Street, War College at Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Idris said he was told Nigerians were no longer welcomed to shop there.

The management of the supermarket later responded by saying it Nigerians were denied entry because of their nefarious activities, adding that Nigerians are allowed to enter individually and not in group.

Yesterday, the supermarket pasted a notice on their gate, welcoming Nigerians back to shop with them.

The notice read…[please don’t laugh. After all, they are Chinese.]


Sine 12 may 2016, 4 armed men invaded our shop.

Wounded our people & carry cash.

The shop closed from 13 MAY-2016 to 14 JUN 2016. But we are open today.

We welcome to everybody to come our shop, and shop will colse close 6:00pm everday

Thank you!”

I told you not to laugh. If you did, then you must write it in Mandarin, let’s see how good you are.

Aminu Idris, the Nigerian chef who first raised the alarm.

All’s well that ends well. Thanks to Idris, bloggers and other Nigerian citizens who took it upon themselves to protest this discrimination in our own country. It was totally unacceptable.

I’m sorry they were robbed. People get robbed everyday. We only up our security. We don’t discriminate. Good thing their senses returned. Else, we’d have sent them back to China…hehehe.



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