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Chinese Supermarket In Abuja Where Nigerians Not Allowed Access?

CHINESE SUPERMARKET-1A Facebook user, Aminu G. Idris has shared a nasty experience he had when he visited a Chinese supermarket in Abuja.

Idris claimed he was turned back by security when he visited the supermarket to shop. He wrote on his wall,

“Chinese supermarket in Abuja where Nigerians not allowed access. You will be surprised to hear I went to a supermarket today and the security asked me what I needed from the gate and said that Nigerians were not allowed. We need to do something about this and I’m starting now. Any advice cause I’m taking this to the next level. They cannot operate here like that.”

Aminu G. Idris says he felt angry at being turned away by the supermarket’s security.

This is Idris. By the way, single ladies…isn’t Idris such a hottie? Okay back to the story…

Soon after he posted, Nigerians reacted…CHINESE SUPERMARKET-2The supermarket in question called ‘China Supermarket’ is reportedly located at No. 9 Bauchi Street, War College in Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja. Has anyone in Abuja ever heard of this supermarket, or had a similar experience with Idris?

I called up a Pweeber living in that area who say her kids’ school is close to War College. She promised to make investigations and get back to us.CHINESE SUPERMARKET-3I’m very interested in this story and shall be following it up. If this story is true, then it’s totally unacceptable. We will not accept being discriminated on in OUR OWN COUNTRY. They can as well pack up and go!

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