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Dark & Lovely | This Viral Picture Shows ‘Faces Of India’ That We Rarely Get To See

DARK INDIANSThis photo was uploaded on The Uncanny Truth Teller 2 Facebook page. The caption of the picture read,

“The Faces of India they won’t show you.”

The picture has received 30,000 shares so far and has mostly positive comments.

“Bollywood take. Note!,” wrote one person.

Another said, “They are so beautiful. Their skin is radiant.”

“The women (sic) in front taking the selfie is really pretty just the difference is if she was fair she would be considered one of the prettiest. Such discrimination,” said one user.

“Thank you for this. These people look absolutely gorgeous. (Ps if they are wearing foundation I want to know which brand cares enough to carry darker shades as I haven’t even found one),” stated one.

“Finally!! I always get “you’re to dark to be Indian” lmfaooo ! Like uhm Indian people comes in all shades !,” (sic) said another user.

Speaking about Bollywood’s fixation with fair skin, one woman said, “Darker Indians are not showcased in the media, they get as tan as Kajol. We know darker Indians exist but look at Bollywood… they are all so fair, Kajol was even criticized for being dark and she is just tanned.”

Indians are obsessed with “fairness”. Our movies, fashion industry, advertisements, the nauseating matrimonial ads looking for “fair” women, they all, directly or indirectly tell us one thing. Fair women are beautiful. Fair women will be successful. Fair women will get good partners. The paler the better.

No wonder that India has a booming multi-billion dollar skin lightening industry.


Source: The News Minute



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