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David Jones David Presents Adele’s “HELLO” In Pidgin English [VIDEO & AUDIO DOWNLOAD]


Standing ovation!!!!!!EMOTICON-CLAP

For this cover, David Jones David is officially my newest BFF. I mean, it’s not like he wasn’t already my favourite…but dang! Who knew he could sing for heaven and the angels?

I only know him to be a fantastic actor, bringing to life the character of Timi Emeni…a villain with a heart…in ‘Hotel Majestic’, another award-winning drama series from the stable of DSTV’s Mnet.

I first saw his ‘Hello’ video introduced on a friend’s Facebook wall as the Nigerian pidgin English version of the viral hit single. I was like yeah right! 

I listened with extremely skeptical ears waiting anxiously to point out any bleep or ‘mess up’, but surprisingly my heart was won by the time he got to the fourth line of the song. I even found my head swaying to the melody of David’s rendition. And I knew I had to blog this.

You know David’s face wasn’t really visible in the video. It was mostly his sideview shot in sepia-tones to give it a feel of antiquity, just like Adele‘s. Also he had a hoodie pulled over his head. So I googled this guy out and voila, it was Timi!…My very own, dear Timi that was serenading me all this while.

This is my pick for the most innovative cover of Adele‘s “Hello” yet.


Listen to the audio…

Watch the video…

Deeva’s sure gonna put this song on repeat (sorry kids)



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  1. Couldn’t listen to it. U like it,then its good enough for me.

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