Dear Leke Adeboye, What Sort Of Pettiness Is This?


LEKE ADEBOYE-FREEZEOver the past few months, there has been a heated debate in Nigeria, on whether Christians ought to pay tithes which is 10% of their income or not.

This debate…and now revolution…was triggered by a man named Daddy Freeze, (pictured above right) an On-Air-Personality who says he is sick of Nigerian pastors enriching themselves through the tithes and offerings of their church members. Whilst these pastors wear expensive designer clothes and drive in flamboyant cars and own private jets, their members are becoming more impoverished especially in this period of economic recession that has hit the country hard.

Freeze has backed his argument with some valid passages in the Scriptures, where he says that tithing was an Old Testament religious obligation that is no longer applicable to Christians who are operating under the dispensation of the new Testament. The OAP even went further to highlight the popular passage in the Scriptures in Malachi chapter 3 which most pastors quote to convince their members to be faithful in paying their tithes. Freeze says God was referring to the priests and Levites in that chapter and not the rest of Israel. He said God’d admonition to His priests starts in Chapter 2, but the pastors are very smart to skip chapter and go straight to Chapter 3…while the members are so gullible not to research the Scriptures for themselves to know the truth. Thus, this young man started a revolution he calls #FreeTheSheeple…a movement he claims will turn Nigerians from following religion blindly to worshipping God the way He ought to be worshipped.

Since Freeze triggered this new movement, he has received large support from a great number of Nigerians who are beginning to agree with the OAP’s well constructed and logically backed arguments. In fact, his #FreeTheSheeple movement has irked a number of Nigerian pastors who condemn in their Sunday sermons. Freeze responds to their criticisms of his ideology by challenging these Nigerian pastors to a debate where they should defend their teachings on faithfulness in paying tithes.

Leke Adeboye is the latest of Nigerian pastors to spar words with Freeze. The son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye…the General Overseer Of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), ALLEGEDLY took to his Facebook page to post a meme of his photo with these words captioned on the it…

“Saying Thank You to Daddy Freeze For The Following:

There has been a 33% increase in the number of people viewing RCCG events, Increase in the amount of people paying their correct tithes, Increase in the number of persons visiting the personal website of EAADEBOYE.COM and sending him Emails and the amount of persons watching all messages from start to finish on any pentecostal live events has increased. SO I PERSONALLY WANT TO THANK YOU @DADDYFREEZE.”

leke adeboyeIf you noticed, I used the term “allegedly” because first of all, the Facebook page this meme was posted is not verified. Second of all, I find it so difficult to believe that a son of Daddy GO would be this petty in reasoning. If truly Leke wrote these words, then I’m sorry to say that I am terribly disappointed and also weary of the new breed of pastors in Nigeria.

That whole statement sounded to me in summary like: “Daddy Freeze, in your face! The stats are in. Our business is waxing stronger despite your negative reviews.” LEKE ADEBOYEThat’s not what intelligent Nigerians like me want to hear. I mean any average person who is not ready to read and research facts could easily swallow any religious propaganda hook, line and sinker…but not me…and certainly not millions of other highly educated, well read and well travelled Nigerians who have the capacity to reason, analyse and apply logic to determine the veracity of any ideology.

I expect one pastor…just one of our flamboyant Nigerian pastors to take Freeze up on his challenge and arrange a well televised debate on national television to trash this controversial issue once and for all. I’m still waiting, yet none has come out to take one for the team. Why is that? No solid points to counter those of Freeze? The ‘sheep’ have been waiting for just one pastor to clarify these allegations against them, but none has come forward. Instead they gossip about it in their Sunday sermons which are privy to only their church members. Just like your well publicized crusades, we want a debate that every Christian in Nigeria can hear…just like Freeze is sounding his points loud and clear.DADDY FREEZE-597x602Daddy Freeze

Nigerians are no fools. We want to know why we’ve been paying our tithes faithfully for years but we are yet to see the windows of heaven open and pour blessings on us, making us billionaires. Blasphemy? No…#FACT!

I personally cannot count how many hustles I done that failed. I toil day and night. I barely can afford the luxury of 3 hours of sleep. I’m neck deep in debt, despite the several businesses I’m running with all my blood, sweat and tears. I cannot afford a vacation talk less of  designer clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery. Still there are thousand more Nigerians whose cases are far worse than mine. Are these so called men of God implying we don’t work hard enough or that we lack the right business acumen to succeed?

Whether Nigerians like to admit it or not, Freeze’s ideology is fast gaining the upper hand because there has been no sensible counter-ideology to destroy it. I will end my deevanalysis by reminding us about what Rabbi Gamaliel said in Acts Chapter 5, when Simon Peter and John stood trial before the Jewish Sanhedrin for preaching in the name of Jesus. Gamaliel told the Jewish council:

“In the present case, leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God” – Acts 5:38-39

If Daddy Freeze’s preaching against tithe is of human origin, it will fail. If not, our present day false prophets extorting money from Nigerians who can barely survive and are as a result fighting against God will be put to shame. I rest my case.

Watch Daddy Freeze’s response to Leke Adeboye gloating over the profit increase in his church business…


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