Dear Nigerian Senators, You Will All Die Of Prostrate Cancer!! [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


nigerian-refugeeOn Wednesday, Nigeria’s Senate passed a bill that approved life imprisonment for rapists and those who have sex with children under 11 years old.

According, to Umaru Dahiru (APC Sokoto-South), who chaired one of the committees that encouraged the passing of this bill, the new law could help build a stronger law against sexual crimes in our country where scores of women and children are subject to rape and sexual violence.

It seems like a laudable move right? WRONG!!! What this bill also implies is that it is lawful to rape or have sex with an 11-year-old girl!!!

To make matters worse, this bill was sponsored by a FEMALE senator!! Chris Anyanwu (APGA Imo East) said the passage of the bill was a parting gift from her to the public….a typical way a woman bows to the bullying of men just to gain their favour. Anyanwu also went on to say:

“It is indeed a fulfillment of my mission in the Upper Chamber.”

My blood boils as I read this preposterous piece of news on PREMIUM TIMES  She was also congratulated by the President of the Senate, David Mark, for sponsoring the Bill.

I have a ten year old daughter and I’m sitting here looking at her. She piled her dirty clothes for a week and refused to wash them. I’ve just given her a terrible scolding and I’m standing guard next to her to ensure that she does her laundry. She can only steam rice and cook noodles. She almost set my kitchen on fire last weekend in an attempt to fry eggs. This little baby of mine can barely wipe her ass properly. She cares more about watching Disney programmes and cutting up paper figures than caring to find out how a man sticks his penis into a woman. And the Nigerian Senate is telling me that from next year my little girl would be ripe for sex?!!! That some deranged man who attempts to take away my baby’s innocence (GOD FORBID) would be allowed to roam free under this new law if approved?

Dear Nigerian Senate, do you realise what this implies? It means that you’ve become the abominable pied piper whose hypnotic tune has awakened all Nigerian paedophiles and perverts from their slumber and given them a get-out-of-jail-free card to perpetrate their crimes. Our little girls are no longer safe in a country they’ve pledged “faithfulness and loyalty” to.

It is very unfortunate that we have weak-minded and ass-licking southerners representing us at the senate. This is not part of our beliefs. This is not part of our tradition. THIS IS SHARIA…and it is being forced down our throats!!

I respect Islam and its laws and tenets, but I feel it should be restricted to Muslims. Christians should not be forced to accept such laws just because a few perverts up there want to feel justified by marrying under aged brides.

I have a 15 year old daughter, a 10 year old daughter and a 7 year old daughter. It is from the pain of a mother’s heart that I write this, realising that my country’s laws will do NOTHING to protect them.

Since the Nigerian Senate WOULD NOT find better bills to amend that could help in reducing the unemployment rate in our country, improve electricity, bring back the Chibok girls, improve security, end fuel scarcity, strengthen the power of the Naira and improve medical services…then I say to you…

May you all die of PROSTRATE CANCER…and scream painfully on your death beds…before any underage Nigerian girl is exposed to sexual assault on account of your damned bill.

GOD BLESS AND PROTECT THE NIGERIAN GIRL CHILD.DEEVA & CHAVONNEMy 10 year old daughter, Chavonne and IDEEVA & CHAVONNE-2Chavonne and IDEEVA & NADINEMy 15 year old daughter, Nadine and IDEEVA & KATRIELMy 7 year old daughter, Katriel and I

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Arewa/AFP/Getty Images | Peace Ben Williams | PREMIUM TIMES


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