Dear Wives Of Cheating Husbands, This Is For You…[PART TWO]


DEAR WIVES-CHEATING HUSBANDS-PT 2Nancy Acosta was an American woman of El Salvadoran descent and every housewife around the world with a serial cheating husband, whether Black, White, Asian or Latino can definitely relate with her story.

In Africa, we always have this notion that ‘oyibo’ (white men) are better lovers because they are monogamous in nature and hardly cheat. We can now see that a bad man is a bad man, irrespective of race or colour.

Our African men are unashamedly polygamous in nature. They flaunt their affairs to get cheered on by their friends and most wives have naturally settled down to the idea that they’ll always have to share their husband’s dick with some woman out there. You’ll even hear some women say something like:

“As long as she provides adequately for me and my children, what’s my own with whatever he does out there?”

Na lie!!! Of course they care. These women know that it’s almost impossible to put an African man on a leach, so they say so out of exasperation. That’s why the bad women go to the strongest witch doctors to cast an obedience spell on their husbands, while the good ones go on their knees, weeping and praying for God to have mercy on their husband souls and save them from STDs. Some women even offer their husbands condoms whenever they are travelling out of town. So all these focus and attention on who he’s sleeping or not sleeping with, only helps to fan their egos until it explodes into uncontrollable proportions.

My mission is to ensure that no other housewife anywhere in the world dies for a worthless cause leaving behind her adorable children without the love and care of a mother. In the process, I’ll be sharing some personal stories, not with the intention to shame my spouse but to save someone’s life and sanity. Believe me, I too at one time in my life suffered a nervous breakdown…I almost completely lost my mind but somehow, I found the will to pick up the pieces and fight for the sake of my children.

Now, let me explain why a wife gets to this stage of emotional vulnerability…

  1. She gave up something precious and in some cases made several sacrifices for the marriage to work. It could be giving up a lucrative job or career, relocating from a place where she’d have had juicy opportunities for financial success to be where the man is, or just generally leaving a place where all her friends and family are living.
  2. In the new city or town, where she’s settled down to married life, she’s the one staying at home to care for the family, while her husband is out working. She is hardly or never compensated for making that sacrifice. In as much as she derives joy caring for her kids, it is what it is. She has personal financial needs that cannot be met.
  3. She is confined to the house because she cannot afford a babysitter or a maid. So she has no time to unwind, go to the spa to relax those aching muscles or just to do those things women do to ease tension. Her life becomes to routine and boring that it makes her sick. Kids can be fun, but you need adult company often to discuss and laugh over adult stuff.
  4. Hubby doesn’t make out time for her. Their discussions these days have shifted from being intimate to about kid’s welfare, bills and expenses and all other less interesting topics the pressure of married life throws at them.
  5. Hubby loses respect for Wifey over time because to him, she brings nothing to the table. Yeah…she’s lost touch with brainstorming and making tough, useful decisions…things she did as a career woman. Now she cooks, bakes, cleans and knows more about Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer and all the programs on Nickelodeon than what’s going on in the stock market.
  6. She logs on to Facebook and Instagram and she’s her high school and college friends living the life she only dreamed of.
  7. She isn’t getting enough sex. Sex is boring. He’s never found her G-spot and orgasm for her is how the authors of erotic novels explain it.
  8. She loves her husband too much. She lives only for him and revolves her life around him.

Summary of it all is Mrs. Housewife has no life. When all this is happening to her and the thank you she gets is a cheating husband? Add the mix and you get the highest level of Crazy. Since the housewife is familiar with cooking, I’m going to illustrate what I’m to say next with ingredients. If you are married to an unrepentant cheating man, here’s what you need:

  • Wisdom
  • A job
  • A solid schedule
  • The ‘Turn Off’ switch
  • A platonic male friend (O yes!)

How do you combine these ingredients and bake them to give you sanity and happiness?

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