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Death To Peace Ben Williams Blog Troll, Balogun Taku!!

TROLL-800x400…and that’s if it’s his real name.

Sometimes, I get unpleasant comments on my blog. I still go ahead to approve it because I feel everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

Other times, when the blog commenter ends up being a pesky troll like Balogun Taku, I wield my power as god of this blog and deem it fair to call him out.

For sometime now, this Taku character lays siege on Peace Ben Williams Blog, just waiting for any news about Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo to be published here. Then he goes on attack mode. No post about Kemi escapes his hawk-like eyes.

See some of his comments…[click on screenshot to enlarge]balogun taku-2It’s almost as if this guy has an obsessive crush on Kemi. I bet he eats, sleeps and dreams Kemi. I’ve ignored this guy for so long. Few years back he was trolling this blog, using another name.

And today, he dared to go there. Here’s what he wrote in my comments….balogun taku

“Kemi Olunloyo is not a journalist. She is an unemployable troll who lives with her mommy in Ibadan. She is a big loser……………just like you.

I hope she is barred from using the internet.

Or maybe something better…………….she will end up killing herself while in custody.

Death to Kemi Olunloyo and DEATH to all her accomplices.”

This guy comes to my blog to give me death threats…hahaha!!…Show yourself little bug! Come out, come out, wherever you are and let’s play!TROLL-600x450I hereby exercise the power I have to condemn any tongue that rises against me in judgment. I say death to you! It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a real or fake name. The spirit of death will locate you because you sowed and you must reap! Death will wring your neck until your eyes become bloodshot with pain. Death will twist and constrict your bowels, shake every nerve and sinew in your body until you tremble violently and as you go, you shall grope in pitch darkness. All these will come upon you slowly and painfully if you do not repent.

Don’t hide behind your computer. Be a man with balls and come play, since you specialize in trolling. That I’ve kept quiet for more than two years of your cyber bullying don’t mean I’m weak.

I took down racist forum, Chimpout after I called them out for making fun of a Nigerian baby who was buried alive by her father. [Read HERE & HERE] That forum disappeared from the internet.

I shut down Joshua Bonehill-Paine, a right-wing British blogger who posted a racist story about an illegal African immigrant with ebola missing in the UK, [Read that HERE.] Unknown to me at the time, Joshua owns about a dozen Twitter accounts under fictitious names which he uses to attack people he feels are inferior to him…Africans and black people like me. He came for me using the “so you have internet in the African jungle” line, and I went for his throat in an epic Twitter war. I fought him and his twenty accounts. That was when some British leftists noticed ‘this powerful African woman’ and told me they admired my strength they teamed up with me to finish him off. Bonehill-Paine ran away with his tail between his legs and deleted half his fake twitter handles.

joshua-bonehillJoshua Bonehill-Paine (Twitter)

And Taku, I silenced the Rihanna navy single-handed when they came for me. Trust me, you don’t wanna fight the Beyhive or the Navy..but I did and shooed them all off in another epic Twitter war… [Read that HERE…story #5]RIHANNA NAVY TWEET 1RIHANNA NAVY TWEET 2RIHANNA NAVY TWEET 3RIHANNA NAVY TWEET 4Just so you know, if you wanted to match me in a game of words…you will always lose. And I know you’ll never be man enough to leave your computer and face me.

Why don’t you just man up and tell Kemi that you’re madly in love with her? *Long hiss*



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