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DEEVA EROTICA 18+| The Housemaid Diaries: Shagging My Oga’s Brother

AFRICAN WOMAN-SEXYMy boss and I have been f**king for close to a year now. To be honest, he was not the best in bed. He would sneak into my room at nights and f**k me.

He had ordered me to always be in bed naked in case he chose to visit. He never cared if I was wet or horny, he simply came in, climbed over me and pushed his thick, hard dick in my pussy.

I had taken to masturbating on nights I suspected he would come over so I could get some moisture and wetness in my pussy before he came over.

I did not really mind this because my oga was a very generous man. When he fucked me at night, he was extra generous the next day. He would buy me things and give me extra money. It was not too bad.

I never thought I was missing much until a certain Friday night…

My Oga’s wife had informed me earlier that my Oga’s brother was planning a party and I will need to go and help them. I was supposed to leave for their house that evening to help them set up for the party the next day.

There was a lot to do that evening and I was up helping out until late at night. Finally, it was time for me to go to sleep and I was told I’d be sleeping in the parlour.

I was almost drifting to sleep when I felt a hand on my legs, slowly moving upwards underneath my skirt. I stood up suddenly, to see my boss’ brother smirking at me in the semi-dark living room.

“Uncle please, what are you doing?” I asked him, trying to sit up and move quickly away from him.

“What do you mean? I know about you and my brother. I want to see what he is enjoying.”

“What are you saying, I am not…”

“You want to pretend you and my brother are not f**.Cking?” He said, still determined to move his hand underneath my skirt. I kept pushing him away.

“Please, uncle, I am not doing anything with your brother,” I tried to lie.

“Shhh..” he said, “don’t worry, I will do you better.”

He had pushed past my protesting hand and was tugging roughly at my panties. He pushed me down on the couch, pinned me so I found difficult to move and used one hand to push down my panties.

I punched at his shoulders hard but this seemed to turn him on even more because he began growling like an animal.

He continued to push my panties out of the way until he was able to make contact with my pussy. I tried once again to push him off but he was persistent.

Maybe I should bite him. As I was about to do this, he pushed a finger into my pussy and began to pump gently.

I was so overtaken by the sudden pleasure that I paused momentarily. He gave another satisfied groan and found my clit.

His earlier roughness was replaced with gentleness as he slowly teased my clit. My toes curled as I started feeling better than I had felt in a long while. He took his time fingering my cunt.

When he saw that I was no longer fighting him, he knelt between my legs and raised up my skirt completely.

Using one hand, he opened my pussy lips and used his other hand to enter my pussy again. He soon began f**king me with two fingers and was steadily increasing his speed.

I arched my back in pleasure as I felt a sweet orgasm rip through me.

He used both fingers to lap up as much of my cum as he could then leaned up to put the fingers in my mouth. I kept my eyes on him as I sucked my cunt juice off his hand hungrily.

He smiled broadly, “That’s my girl,” he said. “Now let’s see if your pussy is as good as he says.”

He pulled down his shorts enough to unleash his dick. Damn, it was huge. The biggest cock I had ever seen.

It was thick and long and the tip looked so inviting. I closed my eyes as he put the head of his cock at my entrance. I wondered how I would take his big cock in my tight pussy.

He entered me slowly, gently, then as soon as the head of his dick was in, he pushed into me harder. I felt like my pussy would split open with pleasure and pain as his cock filled me so completely.

My pussy walls tightened around him as he began to slide in and out. I wanted so badly to scream out loud in pleasure, but I did not want anyone hearing us, so, I bit my bottom lip hard to stay quiet.

He groaned harder the longer he slid in and out of me that I knew my pussy wrapped around him must feel so good.

He closed his eyes, threw his head back and began pumping roughly into my pussy. Damn, his wife was one lucky woman. I would kill to have a cock this thick f**king me daily.

I soon began to feel a familiar throb and tightening around my belly and I knew I was close to cumming again.

He seemed to be close too for his thrusts became even deeper, and his breath faster. He would enter me so deep that I felt him hitting my cervix and then withdraw so completely that the tip of his dick almost came out of my pussy. It was wonderful.

He began to moan a little too loudly and grunted as he f**ked me even faster. His thrust was so fast that he was basically pushing my whole body up and down the couch I was lying on.

I closed my eyes as I felt him give me one deep thrust that hurt as much as it pleasured me.

He stilled and I felt his large cock begin to jerk and throb as he spilled his cum inside me.



This story contains erotic fiction which is not suitable for readers under the age of majority. The erotica, stories, series and novellas include themes of BDSM, bondage, fetish, threesomes, domination, submission, and rape fantasies. Although literary in nature, the stories do contain explicit descriptions of sex. Please use your good judgment when reading this material.

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