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Deeva Food Diaries 1: The Local Pepper

Not so long ago, we were discussing food matters in a Blackberry women group I belong to, when someone mentioned Ata Rodo in a recipe.

I, for the life of me couldn’t figure out which of the peppers was called by that name, and no one could come up with more useful suggestions… 🙂

Then I stumbled on this photo on a website…the author wrote, “Some call it Ata Rodo, Scotch Bonnet or Habanero. What do you call this hot pepper?”

Then I said to myself: “Aha! So this is ‘the’ Ata Rodo’?” I couldn’t believe the most common pepper in our Nigerian local market was what got me sweating like that!…Lol! I simply call it ‘fresh pepper’ and never for once bothered to find out its real name.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Christmas, I shall be sharing some cool recipes that you could whip up and serve your family in no time. Personally, I’m bored with the traditional fried rice/Jollof rice Christmas food…I’ll still serve it though but with different side dishes.

Christmas time in Nigeria involves really heavy cooking and sharing of food with neighbours, and you wanna get it right. So watch out for the ‘Deeva Food Diaries’ on this blog.

As a typical African woman, I believe a woman isn’t complete if she can’t whip up some delicious soul food. I love good food and not ashamed to admit.

Feel free to send me cool recipes as well. I shall publish them giving you full credit.

Hmmm….I can smell a  wonderful Christmas already! 😉



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  1. Me too I’ve learnt something new today – our everyday fresh pepper actually has a name Ata Rodo.

  2. Deeva, am waiting!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I see myself giving my family a food treat this christmas courtesy of Deeva *smiling* , I’m waiting

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