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Deeva Food Diaries 3: How To Set A Dinner Table

Except you are into the catering business, then you could argue that you remember perfectly how to set the ultimate dinner table.

I wonder how many Nigerian families really have their meals together, and at the same time on the dinning table? That tradition was so 80s.

These days, our lifestyle is so fast paced that we hardly ever do this…it’s either Dad or Mom works in another city or country; if  they live in the same city, they can’t beat the holdup to dine together as a family.

While I respect a fair hustle, let’s not totally give up on dinning together as it is the perfect bonding time for any family.

Personally, I suggested Sunday dinners be different in my family. I made the cooking more special than other days and insisted everyone dressed up to the table.

My husband grumbled so much about it…he just didn’t understand why he had to dress up for dinner in his own home. He said it felt “silly,” but soon as he started eating, he pretty much got into the groove of it…and he didn’t feel so ‘silly’ any more.

My Mom taught me how to set a table many years ago. As the years went by, I realized I had quite forgotten how to and would scratch my head trying to remember where and where to place what.

So for those of us who have forgotten like me, here’s another chance…save this on your phone so you become the perfect host.

P/S: I’m down with a serious bout of malaria (poor me 🙁 ) and posting all these from my sick bed. I haven’t forgotten my promise about the recipes…soon as I recover, I shall be posting as much as I can and posting links to cool food websites. Love you all.xoxo



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