DEEVA PROSE: I Have No Magic Wand


MAGIC WAND-XSometimes I wish I had a magic wand. I feel so sad when I see all the injustice going on in the world.

I hear them on the radio, I watch them on TV. I see them in my workplace and everywhere I turn that it makes me want to scream (sorry, Michael and Janet).

Why would a guy rape a girl? Or a man become a paedophile? Why should a girl work so hard at her job, gets paid at the end of the month just to be beaten up by her boyfriend who demands that  the whole salary be submitted to him? Why does a good guy get a bad girl? Why does a healthy man lose his sight or a good woman get cancer? Why should a child go hungry and wear tattered clothes? Why would a man cheat on his loving wife or a woman yearn for a child but can’t have one? Why don’t good things last long?

So you see why I need that magic wand? I would wave it on that crippled man who is begging for change by the roadside because I know he’d give anything to have a taste of walking. I would wish away HIV and cancer and malaria and poverty and hunger. No woman would die of a broken heart. I would locate her prince who will sweep her off her feet.

My beloved country Nigeria would be rid of corruption and NEPA (erratic power supply). It would be like El Dorado and Utopia, so that when I wake each morning I would jump out of bed and yell “I feel good” at the top of my lungs.

To the best of my knowledge, I’m a good person. If one must possess some special qualities to deserve ownership of a magic wand, I know I qualify. But I shall never be given that magic wand. You know why? I am human.

As long as I remain human, I am selfish. My flesh is my doom. One could never trust if I shall use the wand for good alone. What happens after I have used my magic wand to stop world hunger and brought about world peace? I might use it to kill the paedophile. I might cause that girl carrying the latest Gucci bag, who thinks she’s all of that to break a leg.

If I found out my husband was cheating, I might turn him to dust. The world must also know I’m responsible for all the happiness they’re getting. My name must be praised on every lip. No, owning a magic wand may not be a good idea.

Passing a good word and doing a good deed may be a better idea. Because the world is hard enough as it is.

The next time you see that girl looking good in a nice summer dress and carrying the latest Gucci bag, tell her she looks divine because she may have been through hell, depressed and struggling for years with the burden of feeling ugly and may have just won the battle of the bulge by losing 50kg and is celebrating her victory with a new wardrobe.

Paint a rainbow in that man’s heart. His loved one might be dying of cancer and your good word might power the hope for a healing. That lonely child who may have forgotten what it feels like to be hugged, that exuberant teenager who is never understood and that lonely heart that is waiting to be loved are all depending on your kind words and good deeds to transport them to happiness.

We all may never own a magic wand but our good deeds and kind words combined can possess the power to make our dreams come true.

Our words and deeds are our magic wand; whether for good or for evil.



Article Written By: Peace Ben Williams.

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