#DEEVANALYSIS: Angry Pregnant Wife Pours Boiling Water On Sleeping Husband [GRAPHIC PHOTO]


ROASTED HUSBAND-2Yesterday, I brought you the story of the old wife who would knit crochet dolls each time her husband made her angry. Sixty years into the marriage, she had made ninety-five thousand dollars, proof of how many times he had made her angry.

But somewhere in Abuja, an angry wife was not so wise. We all woke up to the news on Wednesday morning that a woman who was five month pregnant, poured boiling water on her husband at night while he was still asleep. 

A friend of the victim narrated the roasted man’s current state to Nigerian journalist Seun Oloketuyi who shared the story and the graphic photo on his Instagram page. This is what Mr. Oloketuyi shared:

“Just left the hospital and it is worse than I thought. My good friend is in the hospital in Abuja now for four days with second degree burns.

While he was sleeping his wife poured hot water on him (face legs, thighs, hips). She then locked him inside while he was screaming “fire, fire”, then she took off.

She is 5months pregnant they have a 16month old. Been married for a year and a half. Early in the year, she slapped him which lead to him beating her. They reconciled. He also complains that they switch house-help every month because she beats the househelp where there is blood on the wall.

Should he stay or get the f out!!…- pissed off friend”ROASTED HUSBAND-IG POST

My Deevanalysis

It pains me when I see domestic violence escalate to something as life-threatening as this. It doesn’t matter who the victim is, because I know that people tend to pity women more in cases of domestic violence. Men are also sometimes victims and they deserve to be shown pity and concern. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment, I don’t care what the motive or the victim’s ‘crime’ was.

In my opinion, I think anyone who has the mind to do this to their partner doesn’t deserve to remain married to that person. You know, I read Oloketuyi’s Instagram post very carefully to see if the couple had another baby before the one she was carrying and for how long they’ve been married.

The reason is this. I can sincerely tell you that I’ve been angry as many times as the crochet-doll-knitting wife, if not more. But one of the things which got me through each moment apart from meditating and receiving wise counsel was the children. I’ll explain. Most of my kids look more like my hubby than myself. I always see a reflection of him in all of them. My youngest isn’t just a reflection, he is his carbon copy.

I’ll share something that happened recently with you guys. My 3-year-old came to my bedroom two days ago and blew me a kiss very close to my face. I knew where he was getting at because he did that most times after brushing his teeth to let me know his breath was fresh. But this happened in the middle of the day, not early in the morning or evening when he usually brushed his teeth so I waited. Next thing, he called me the famzing name he gave me:

Harel: “Mummy-girl, is my breath fresh?”

Me: “Yes dear, it is. Hmmm…very fresh!”

Harel: “No, it’s not! But I know what can make it fresh.”

Me: “You’ll go brush your teeth?”

Harel: “No. This is afternoon, so I want your Wrigley’s gum. After chewing it, my breath will be very fresh!”

Lol! All that drama of blowing kisses and calling me Mummy-girl was just to get a stick of Wrigley’s. The guy had pressed my mugu button. I knew it but I let him because he looked so adorable doing it and his eyes was just like his father’s.

Now, tell me after this little guy makes you laugh so hard, will you still have the mind to bone the father when he returns from work, let alone pour boiling water on him?

Couples need to find that one thing that would make you snap out of anger and forgive your spouse, before it escalates into something evil. It could be meditation, a pleasant memory, the kids, your job, your girlfriends but for heaven’s sake find something to douse your anger. That picture up there is so evil from any angle you look at it…even more heartrending that it was perpetrated by a wife.

If all fails, try taking up a course in knitting. An angry woman made 95,000 dollars from it. She can spend that money on a dream vacation instead of spending it in jail like this water boiling wife who I pray would soon be caught by the police.


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  1. cardinal says:

    Hmm! The man should get a divorce ASAP else, she will kill him soon.

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