Deevanalysis For December 2012

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Hurray!!!  We did it! We made it to 2013!! Darling readers, thanks for sticking it out with me through it all. We made over 100,000 HITS  on the Peace Ben Williams Blog this month!!! Progress, progress… from 73,233 hits to 102, 084 hits!

My top 10 views by countries in December were: 1) USA; 2) UK; 3) Nigeria; 4) Canada;  5) Netherlands; 6) India; 7) Italy; 8) Malaysia; 9)Qatar and 10) Australia. My blog is viewed in over 240 countries. I say a big thank you to them all.

My top seven commenters for the month were: 1) Tyyneee -499 comments;  2) Sunday Udo -88 comments; 3) Kaskae1-62 comments; 4) Miracle- 57 comments; 5) Chineze- 54 comments; 6)Lanre -32 comments; and 7) Eno Odey-24.

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Hot Topics:

These were the top ten most viewed posts on my blog this month:

1. Girl Runs Mad and Masturbates in Public After Sleeping With Mysterious Man

2. Coco’s Daring New Superhero Costume

3. Veteran Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie IS NOT DEAD!

4. US Magazine Globe Claims The Queen of England is Dying

5. Obafemi Martins Romances Balotelli’s Sister

6. Emma Roberts Wears Aunt, Julia Roberts’ Racy Pretty Woman Outfit For Halloween

7. Going Down Memory Lane With Hillary Clinton on Her 65th Birthday

8. Strange Sightings: High Heeled Shoes With Heels in Front

9. Emeka Ossai And Wife Dedicate Their Twins

10. Is Kanye West Making Kim Kardashian Fat?

I met a friend on the set of a movie production and he said to me: “Ma’am, I thought your blog was a joke until I had friends sending links to your blog on my phone! Your blog is getting very popular and you’re doing a fantastic job!”

Another person said, “Thank God, I found your blog! I always get my news from a popular Nigerian news site but the comments and reactions from readers to posts on those sites are just too appalling for a matured man like me. Under each post is a heated debate that always gets ugly. You’ll find one person say to another ‘STFU you Mallam!’ ‘Your father is an idiot!’ ”

I know exactly what the second person is talking about. I too, have visited such news sites and I tell you, the comments/feedbacks are so disgusting, it kills the beauty of the news.

This got me thinking, December’s Deevanalysis MUST be about my readers! I thoroughly enjoy your intelligent feedbacks. And when you disagree with a readers opinion, your counter comments are so maturely presented that it has given my blog a certain, tasteful class.

Tyyneee, Sunday Udo, Funmi, Kaskae1, Chineze, Afolarin Ogunyinka, Dunstan Ukaga, Deba, Dcool, Miracle, Patmeh Patrick, Adamz, Mira, Christian Mihai, LesleyCarter, Disu, George Nikolo, Ity, Mfon, Emem Udosen, Darlington Smile, Eno Odey, Lanre, WorldLifeHype, Sethsnap, Urbanwallart, K Cent Obi, Don E.Y.O, Julie, Clara, MustardSeedBudget, 9MillionVoices, Ido Lanuel, DivineCityPublisher, Jolly, iGameMom, MPG Universal, Uri Kalu, The Mind Of RD Revilo, Ogechi, SinghStyleStudio, Shook, ToeMailer, Teeny Bikini, Gypsie Swisher, LezoeMusings, Christopher C. Ndubuisi, BabyBoomerbakes, Clarence, Oge, Vinegarandwater, MyFrenchHeaven, Bernadine, Turkischland, Cowen1970, Bekongfe, Oluchi, Emmanuel Ettah, Bogdan Marius Beleuz, Meanjoegreen88, E Dela Cruz, TurtleandRobot, Emily, Thebigbookofdating, Jenna Mule, Aeast1121, Motherconfessor, Jujuy, Anita Patrick, Tella Abiola, ThaneFurrows, Paul, StMike007, Messymandela, Style, Warero, Agadir Excursions, Tony, LikeMyStyles, Debbs, TS, Clarence Crider, The Secret Keeper, Hair Expressions, Karris72, ShianWrites, TakenBySound, SallieTheWife, Leanne Cole, OneAnna65, Ephraim Akpanudom, Emediong Nkanta, Idongesit Udosen, Kemi Agbe-Adesona, Joe Amanny, Rosemary Appah, Rotimi Omitogun, Ufuoma Opreh, Princess Bosah, Dutch Wallcovering, Tobore Adakaraza, George Obote…and a host of others, thanks for adding CLASS to my blog! I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart.

A special thanks also to those who follow my blog via Email, Facebook and Twitter.

By the way, Adamz thought nobody survived the 2005 Sosoliso Plane Crash. Adamz, immediately after the crash, seven survivors were recovered and taken to hospitals, but  four of those survivors died in hospital care, leaving three survivors; two of whom were flown to South Africa. In the end, two people survived; one of which was Miss Kechi Okwuchi whom I reported about on my blog.

For more information on the Sosoliso 2005 air crash, click HERE

We shall make us the best online media team ever!

Watch out in a few weeks, PBW Blog shall be undergoing a facelift to get its glam on… 🙂

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2013.

Love you all! *HUGS*

This is my Deevanalysis.


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8 thoughts on “Deevanalysis For December 2012”

  1. Sunday Udo says:

    I think de past month which also doubles as de past year last month withnessed a big leap in terms of content & variety in ur blog. Pls keep dis up and even improve. Commercialising ur blog will also be good to reward dis hard work.

  2. Ustyn says:

    Didnt know something interesting goes on this blog because i most read some of the stories else where,so i was always not really in the mood to check it out,love what am seeing,Deeva believe me you are going places…….Happy new year

  3. Chineze says:

    Deeva, I can’t wait for the face lift of your blog. Congrats because 2013 shall surely exceed 2012, as the saying goes this 2013′ Let’s gooooo dia’

  4. Chineze says:

    Deeva, I can’t wait for the face lift of your blog. Congrats because 2013 shall surely exceed 2012, as the saying goes this 2013′ Let’s gooooo dia’

  5. kaskae1 says:

    well done babes! lets toast to greater heights this year. And yes, i agree with Sunday Udo’s comment that there was some improvement in content and variety last month. lets do it again this month and indeed this year.

  6. @tyyneee says:

    Mmmmmm…..hi guys,am back. Am sure you guys missed me & for those that didn’t….well..I won’t comment my reserve. Nice one Deeva

  7. @tyyneee says:

    Mmmmmm…..hi guys,am back. Am sure you guys missed me & for those that didn’t….well..I won’t comment my reserve. Nice one Deeva

  8. Elendu's girl-pickin says:

    Welldone girl. Greater things ahead for you.

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