#DEEVANALYSIS | Do You Think Nedu Of Wazobia FM Went Too Far With The Joke He Played On Bobrisky? [WATCH VIDEO]

bobrisky-nedu-wazobia-1This is a move I’ve always hated since I was a kid…making fun of people in your local dialect, just because they don’t understand the language.

I don’t think this is funny one bit. Nigerians must learn to understand that some people¬†choose to see life and live life differently from others. But hey, it’s seems Bobrisky is fast becoming a fame whore and such treatment from the likes of Nedu of Wazobia FM comes with the territory.

The On-Air-Personality teased the male cross dresser’s lifestyle in the Igbo and Hausa dialects which Bobrisky being Yoruba obviously didn’t understand. (He really does need a local interpreter though.)

When Bobrisky asked Nedu what he was saying, as he clearly didn’t under Igbo or Hausa, Nedu said he was praising his flawless skin, when in truth he was shading him.


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