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Hello dear readers, thanks for staying with me through the month of February. It’s been a trying month especially for Nigerians so I hope we are all hanging in there?

Since Peace Ben Williams Blog moved to a new web host, it lost all its old statistics. So we are basically starting from scratch. It also lost a number of it’s readers because of the move. They are gradually returning. Hopefully things will settle down quickly to be better than how it was.

My top 20 views by countries this month are: 1) UK; 2) USA; 3) Nigeria; 4) Canada; 5) Australia; 6) Qatar ; 7)  France; 8) Ireland; 9) India ;10) Italy; 11) Germany; 12) Ghana 13) Netherlands; 14) Spain; 15) South Africa; 16) Kenya; 17) Malaysia; 18) Pakistan; 19) Turkey and 20) Brazil. Click below to read more…

My top 10 commenters for the month are: 1) Tyyneee -615 comments;  2) Sunday Udo – 147 comments; 3) kaskae -128 comments; 4) Chineze-102 comments; 5) MIRA – 94 comments; 6)  Funmi – 84 comments; 7) Oge -80 comments;  8) Lanre -30 comments; 9) eno odey – 19 comments and 10) Elendu’s Girl Pickin – 15 comments .

Worthy of mention are other regular visitors and commenters: Deba, dcool, miracle, Natalie, Adams Umo and Kayla Joseph.

Hot Topics:

1. Goldie’s Death

I don’t want to dwell much on this topic because it’s still very painful to discuss and also because this blog had thoroughly reported on the circumstances which led to the death of Nigerian pop star, Goldie Harvey…even up to the the nasty scandal which trailed the news of her death. I believe the decent thing is to let her sleep in the Lord’s bosom peacefully.

2. AFCON 2013

The Nation was filled with wild jubilation after Nigeria’s Super Eagles became the champions of AFCON 2013 and brought home the gold cup. It was an unbelievable turn around for a team that was perceived to be weak and got dubbed “the super chickens.” In  a surprising turn around, The Eagles made haters eat their words by soaring above all expectations.

This would have been the best month for Nigerians but not for the sad news which came immediately after. Winning the AFCON Cup gave every Nigerian hope that we could achieve anything if we put our mind to it.

3. The Nigerian First Lady’s Resurrection Party 

We are all aware that the Presidency and even the First Lady herself denied being sick, even when she had clearly emaciated after her return from Germany. I didn’t mind the secrecy at first judging from the fact that an average Nigerian would attribute a serious illness to spiritual attack. I had concluded that she was just being cautious.

So you can imagine my shock when I learnt Dame Patience Jonathan had organized a massive, street-closing party to celebrate her recovery from illness…even admitting that she had about nine surgeries…that she had “died but rose again.”

This instigated me to write an article titled: Did Patience Jonathan Think Of NIGERIA’S DIGNITY Before She Gave Her Scandalous Resurrection Speech? and it sparked an angry comment from a favourite reader of mine. Here’s Miracle‘s response to my article:

“Nigeria is not Europe. Charity begins at home. Nigerian citizens don’t have respect for themselves not to talk of their country. No matter how bad Obama’s Administration is even the inscriptions of chips when Obama said it. No American citizen insulted him. People only reacted and criticized it but not insulting him as you just did.

How can you insult Nigeria as a country? Tufiakwa! In d first place if any government official is not seen why should bloggers start rumours about the persons death?

We are d cause of everything. When you accuse someone of doing something bad he/she will defend first before saying how it happened. Let us behave like people that are exposed and educated.
Enough of all these insults as if when we see them we can talk in their presence. RUBBISH!”

Miracle, it means you have not been reading the news very well. Are you aware that some Americans have been criticizing and insulting President Obama? The insults became worse during the last election campaign. Some Americans even went ahead to manufacture Obama toilet paper which they placed in public toilets for people to use. To see the toilet paper with Obama’s face on it, click HERE. Another American also composed a rude song about Obama and Obama tissue paper. Part of the song says Obama’s face is good for wiping s**t with. To listen to the song, click HERE.

The things our leaders do here in Nigeria, they can’t try it in the Western World. Let’s not keep quiet and accept rubbish. Didn’t you see the interview our president had with Christian Amanpour of CNN? Are you happy that the world is laughing at Nigeria? That we have so much money yet do no have constant electricity, good roads, health care or even quality education? If we keep silent today, our children will suffer it tomorrow. Please re-consider your statement and the way you see this issue. Whether I write more articles like that or not, don’t forget that we have international correspondents from CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, e.t.c based here in Nigeria. They know the TRUTH…so it doesn’t matter if we choose to hide the truth or not.

Thank you Miracle.

4. Justus Esiri’s Death

We woke up on the morning of February 19 to hear the shocking news of the passing of a great movie industry icon. Pa Esiri’s death was a big blow to Nollywood and a bigger loss to Nigeria. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

5. Kim Kardashian’s Flash Visit To Nigeria

Hmmm..what can I say? The truth is I wasn’t angry with Kim K…rather I thought she was very brave to visit Nigeria. Nigerians in Diaspora say they are scared to come home because they are scared of being kidnapped or bombed. So if Nigerians abroad are so terrified of their home country, how much more a foreigner? If you were a foreigner…no, scratch that…a foreigner pregnant for the first time, would you visit a country where you’re at risk of being kidnapped or worse still if you developed a complication from your pregnancy, you may most likely not get the same quality of medical care?

6. Pope Benedict XV1’s Resignation

Another shocking development. The Pope has resigned his position as the Pontiff of Rome. Although many are saddened at his departure, the pontiff says we should accept it as God’s will.

Final Thoughts:

I always enjoy reading your feedbacks. Please do not hesitate to drop your comments. Let me know what I’m not doing right and aspects of Peace Ben Williams Blog that need improvement.

Big hugs to you all.

This is my Deevanalysis.




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