Deevanalysis For August, 2013

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SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTS 007Hello, my esteemed PBWB readers, welcome to the month of September and the last quarter of 2013.

We must be thankful to the creator for keeping us alive thus far. It doesn’t matter if we’ve achieved our 2013 goals yet, what matters is that we are alive and well.

We have yet another opportunity of achieving today, what we couldn’t achieve yesterday…of making better, what we couldn’t do well before. So any which way, we are champions because we are alive.

It’s been a very trying month for me as an individual and as a blogger. And I’m sure if you wanted to tell me about your daily struggles, you’d have a tanker-full of woes to share. But that’s life for you…it throws hurdles at you. You only need to ask for grace to jump over them.

Let me share a bit of my woes as a blogger…


I’m sure by now, some of you must be yawning about this topic because I’ve had to apologize so many times than I could count for one mishap or the other happening on my blog. From the inability to post comments on my blog, to not being able to access my blog with your mobile devices and even to the more recent glitches of the blog going a whole day or two without updated stories.

I must apologize yet again, because I realize I do have some tenacious readers who contact me to find out what is wrong and who keep urging me to never give up. For those who know me, I love being consistent with anything I do…and I ensure it is done in the most optimum standard as possible. You must imagine my embarrassment when I’m unable to deliver as I ought to.

I recently had to change the technical team handling my blog, because they couldn’t deliver what I wanted. I had envisioned a brand and standard for Peace Ben Wiliams Blog; where commercial blogging in Nigeria would be taken to the ultimate; level bearing the reader’s satisfaction in mind. Unfortunately, my former team could not translate this vision into reality, hence the glitches you observed.

A new chapter has begun on Peace Ben Wiliams Blog. And it’s gotten me so high with excitement. You readers are going to be wowed from your seats each time you log on to my blog and it’s not an empty boast. It’s a promise…a gift from me to you…for standing by me when I was cutting my teeth in the blogging industry. May God’s favour always stand by you, as you have stood by me.

Now, let me share the saddest thing that happened to me this year…


She passed on to eternity on August 21, 2013. I hadn’t seen her in almost 12 years, even though I sent gifts to her every month. But that wasn’t enough. I’ve been torn with guilt ever since because of my inability to see her for so long.

It’s not that I didn’t love her…gosh, I love that woman to bits. I use ‘love’ in the present because she’ll always remain alive in my heart. What wasn’t to love about her? She was a kind, gentle spirit and totally deevarized (yanga woman) even at her age. We got along really well, but the challenges of life kept us apart. I always thought we’ll have enough time together. But I never realised her time on earth was never mine to control.

I shall publish my tribute to her soon, then you can read all about her. Her illness and death, disorganized me for days; I couldn’t blog. Please readers, make out time to visit your parents; even if you are outside the country. It isn’t enough to just make phonecalls or send gifts and money.

I kept kissing her hands and forehead because she just stared blankly at me but couldn’t see or talk and it broke my heart. May her soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.


The Ese Walter-COZA Pastor Saga

The story of an affair between a church worker, Ese Walter and her pastor first broke around the time my mom-inlaw passed away, I couldn’t blog and truthfully, it was the least of my problems at the time.

Ese published an exposé on her blog, which she titled: MY AFFAIR WITH PASTOR BIODUN FATOYINBO OF COZA. A lot of my readers wondered why the story didn’t feature on my blog; why I was so silent about it and what my take on Ese’s story was.

Even though, Pastor Biodun of COZA, Abuja is yet to tell his own side of the story; here’s my take…

  • Ese Walter may most likely be telling the truth…even though I may not approve of her method of seeking closure. There has been so many opinions and comments on this COZA-gate saga…some so utterly insane…that I fail to understand how it would help Ese heal.
  • Pastors are also HUMAN…never forget that. And they need even more prayers than us. Think like the devil for a minute. If you were the devil, wouldn’t you rather bring down one man of God who is capable of leading millions of souls to salvation than to bring down one believer? Yes I would. Because I know that if Pastor Biodun has led 10,000 souls to Christ and each of those souls lead 10,000 more souls each who in turn will lead 10,000 more souls each to Christ, there will no more sinner left to keep Satan company in Hell. So yes, if I were the devil, my eye would be on the ‘prize’…men of God.
  • When last did you pray for your pastor? Are you the type of Christian who always say “Pastor, pray for me!” but never prays for your pastor? I had this wisdom some time ago to always cover my pastor in prayers so that at any time, he is fortified and I have never relented. Do less of criticizing and more of praying.
  • Let’s wait for Pastor Biodun’s side of the story and if it’s necessary, we shall talk about it. For now, every man of God must learn from this and fight to keep the body of Christ together by living exemplary lives.

This is my deevanalysis. Stay blessed, you all.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    God bless mummy’s soul.
    Welcome back.

  2. girlspice56 says:

    Hi Peace , So sorry about your mother in-law( God bless her soul). Good to hear you’ve not given up on the blog yet. Missed your posts. If you love romance please visit and let me know what you think

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