Deevanalysis For January 2013

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Welcome to a new month dear readers, and welcome to a new phase of Peace Ben Williams Blog!

First I’d like to apologise for all the hitches you might have experienced. I was moving my website from a domain to a domain and in the process, a lot of technical problems were experienced.

My updates were not coming as promptly as they used to, I couldn’t embed videos and certain images..and for those who emailed or called me, your challenges ranged from not being able to post comments, the emoticons which suddenly disappeared and the designs of the blog template.

I will not go into hits and top countries who viewed the blog like I usually do because the blog is still settling down and many do not know that I’m back. Rather I shall attempt to respond to the main issues which came up on this blog.



1. Difficulty In Posting Comments:  I did get some complaints from my dear readers like Sunday Udo, Deba and Chineze about not being able to post comments like before and how cumbersome it was to be prompted to post their email and name each time they wanted to comment. I notified my IT team who worked on it, but I’d like to know if the problem still persists.

If you’re a reader who’d love to comment and you’re still experiencing this problem, please drop a mail at or hit me on Facebook by sending an inbox message to my page- Peace Ben Williams. You shall get a response from me a.s.a.p.

2. The Blog Design And Colours: I had a reader, Natalie James who contacted me at two different times that I changed the blog template. She said the blog template was “whack” “grrr” and “ewww” …meaning it was horrible. Natalie, I share your sentiments. The official colours for PBWB is Black, White and Violet-Purple. These colours, I believe would help douse some of the bad feeling we get from reading bad news on the blog and help to elevate our mood. So far, my technical team have been experiencing challenges marrying my official colours to a functional blog template. In the end I had to choose a not-so-pleasant colour template that had  FUNCTIONALITY to enable me embed videos, audio clips and other features for your pleasure.

Please bear with me on the design. I hope to perfect it soon. If you know someone who can do a perfect job, please contact me.

By the way Natalie, I did try to reach you through your Email but the address you used was wrong. Was it a phantom address?

3. Emoticons: Chineze, you mentioned emoticons. I really can’t explain where that disappeared to. We are still trying to find it and bring it back! 🙂 and very soon I hope. 😉

4. My Comment On the Anambra People: I was mildly shocked to read a comment from a reader who asked why I dared to highlight the people of Anambra on crime. I had published a story of a man who stabbed a girl he dated for 6 years to death because she left him only for the police to discover that the man was even married! If you missed that story please CLICK HERE TO READ.

At the end of that story this was my side comment: “Hmmm…is it just me that’s noticing all these evil deeds perpetuated by Anambra people?!”

I usually publish my stories from a neutral standpoint, but I felt I had to comment on this one because that same week, 50 dead bodies were found floating on Anambra River with no clue or explanation as to how they ended up there. That same week also a woman from Anambra killed 4 children ranging from 15 months to 9 years. Those children belonged to her ex-lover who is married. She threw the eldest son in a well, strangled the other three and stayed behind to kill their mother.

Last year, it was a teenage girl hawking groundnuts who was beheaded for rituals not to mention the infamous Okija Shrine.

Now, I’m not saying crimes are not committed in other states…the most shocking crime to me this month came from Kogi State…the native doctor who slaughtered his four month old son for rituals. The second most shocking crime came from Lagos State…the parent who buried its newborn daughter alive!! Now those are SHOCKING.

I wouldn’t categorize Boko Haram’s crime with these crimes I’ve mentioned. Why? Because BH detonates a bomb, it kills hundreds and the suicide bomber does not live to see the damage he has caused…and if the bomb was planted, they do not KNOW the individuals whom they have killed so emotions may not be involved. It’s a masterminded crime that has been paid for.

In the case of the two Anambra crimes I cited, this is a girl you once professed love and made love to. What goes through my mind is the terror in the victims eyes…that moment when they realize that this person is going to kill me. How did that woman feel with her hands around the tender necks of those innocent children who did not send their father to have an affair with her?

Anambra has been known to produce great people like the great Zik of Africa, The Ikemba of Nnewi- Emeka Ojukwu, Chinua Achebe-the literary giant of Africa and many, many more. These men I’ve mentioned are my heroes so it pains me when I see unacceptable behaviour coming from Anambra.

I need to see more seeds of greatness coming from Anambra not cold-blooded killers. I have nothing against Anambra people. As a matter of fact, I think Governor Peter Obi is a great governor being frustrated by the crimes of his people. Not many states are blessed with such a governor. Rather than rain abuses at me, why not join hands with your governor to make your state the greatest?


I am a writer and a blogger. The main reason I started blogging was because I felt I had to do something to change the behavioural thought process of not only my countrymen but of the world. I cannot achieve this if  what I write isn’t frank or thought-provoking.

God could not please everyone, so who am I to try pleasing everyone? If you hate frank talk, then I’m sorry this isn’t the blog for you. Move to the next blog.

But if you want you join me to do what you can to OCCUPY Nigeria so that they’ll be no SPACE for evil, greed or corruption then let’s work as a team to salvage what’s left of our country.

That’s why I encourage you to “Have Your Say.” I see you all as celebrities, because you MATTER and that’s why I try to tackle your issues addressing you all by name, why? Because you MATTER!

Stay Blessed y’all till next time.

This is my Deevanalysis.




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  1. Gloria Ebrakeme says:

    This Ȋ̝̊̅§ the truth and nothing but the truth and if our nation must be free from corruption and Evil practices, then , we must stand for the truth at all times! Good work my friend. Keep it up!

  2. Gloria Botu Ebrakeme says:

    This is a blog to get your complete info on issues happening around us ! Keep it up !

  3. Jamie says:

    Hello Peace Ben Williams,Im a blogger designer,i can make your blog look chic and adorable with black background ,White and sexy Violet-Purple.hit me up at

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