#DEEVANALYSIS | How Classier Can Genevieve Nnaji Get?


GENEVIEVE-HERMESI seriously admire this lady. I wish all women would grow like her. I can’t use the phrase ‘age like her’ because it doesn’t qualify  here.

Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji is a true example of the Surulere (Cinderella) story.  As she grows older, she looks more beautiful, classy and controlled. Controlled in the sense that she’s knows that she’s all of that and a bag of chips, yet she doesn’t make ANY NOISE about it.

She’s sexy but it isn’t the in-your-face, all-boobs-and-ass kinda sexy. You just know it’s there…like vintage designer perfume that hits your nostrils in wisps every few minutes. THAT IS CLASS. No other definition will break it down better than what I’ve done.

Genevieve is by far the classiest actress in Nollywood as at today. I’m judging from her personality, composure, carriage and sense of style.

Ms. Nnaji was spotted carrying a customised Hermès Birkin bag. The Hermès Birkin is the most sought after luxury hand bag in the world! There is a 2 year waiting list for the bag & even the great Oprah had to get on that list.GENEVIEVE-HERMES-2With fans like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and other celebrity fashionistas, it has definitely become the must have item in celeb circles.GENEVIEVE-HERMES-4Genevieve was first spotted carrying the blue Birkin bag which retails for about $17,000 in 2013. The Nollywood superstar was pictured rocking the luxury bag when she arrived in Toronto, Canada for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie‘s best selling book Half of a Yellow Sun was premiered.GENEVIEVE-HERMES-3The actress recently decided to have it customised by Nigerian Artist, Fred Aghuno. The artist painted the side profile of a bald African woman wearing white hoop earrings on the blue luxury bag, with African-inspired murals on the rest of the bag.

With the customisation of her bag, Genny joins the ranks of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Nene Leakes and Rita Ora.

Genevieve is truly the woman to watch and learn from if you want to exude easy peasy class.


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