#Deevanalysis | Linda Ikeji & The Average Nigerian Man


deevanalysis-video-1-800x450What a title right?…Lol! Yes, I really had to lend my voice to this burning social issue.

Majority of Nigerians have refused to recognise the success and achievements of our single sisters in their 30s simply because they are yet to be married. And I’m thinking, why must the success of these young women be validated by marriage? Why are they perceived as proud and intimidating? Why do men think such women can never be ‘tamed’ or can never be submissive in marriage?

Celebrity blogger and now media mogul, Linda Ikeji recently granted an interview where she listed the qualities she desired in a future husband. I was shocked to read the nasty reactions and feedback from this interview.

Suddenly, people with zero experience in marriage became professional counsellors predicting and forecasting how she’ll never find a husband in Nigeria due to her unrealistic demands. Some even claimed she was too proud to find a husband. Sadly, majority of the ‘bashers’ were female.

There was even this guy on YouTube who played back a video Linda made on her birthday and he was giggling sheepishly when she poured her heart out…talking sincerely about what she wished for her future. What type of fool does this?

It really aches my heart to see how our society ostracizes single successful sisters. And this has given birth to my first ever deevanalysis vlog series, which I’ve titled, “Linda Ikeji and the Average Nigerian Man.”

I sincerely pray that Linda and every single Nigerian sister out there who has been mocked for daring to pursue their dreams will settle with the perfect husband and their home shall be blessed with children. If not for anything, that their lives will inspire many more young women in generations to come.

Please watch the video and drop your thoughts below…


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