Deevanalysis For November 2012

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Peace Ben Williams

Peace Ben Williams

Hello dear readers, thanks for staying with me through the month of November. We made it from 45,273 to 73,233 hits on Peace Ben Williams Blog this month.

My top 10 views by countries in November are: 1) USA; 2) UK; 3) Nigeria; 4) Canada;  5) Qatar; 6) Spain; 7) Ireland; 8) Australia; 9)India and 10) Turkey. For the rest 63 countries I see on my stats constantly visiting I say a big thank you.

My top seven commenters for the month are: 1) Tyyneee -613 comments;  2) Sunday Udo -61 comments; 3) Chineze -31 comments; 4) Funmi- 27 comments; 5) Eno Odey- 19 comments; 6) Kaskae1 -18 comments; and 7) Lanre -13 comments.

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Worthy of mention are other regular visitors and commenters: Dunstan Ukaga, Deba, dcool, miracle, Patmeh Patrick, adamz and mira.

Hot Topics:

The most viewed posts this month amusingly were posts which bothered on nudity and indecent exposure. Readers were still clicking to view the girl who ran mad on the street and was masturbating. Even though it was posted in October, it continued to trend on my blog. After that was the lady who stripped naked in court to protest the ban on public nudity. Then there was Lady Gaga making love to a birthday cake.

I do not want to dwell on this month’s hot topics because something more serious disturbs my mind.

I really want to talk about NIGERIA. So many things happened this month in our beloved country which left me heart broken each time I hit the publish button.

1. Nigerian Deaths

For the first time since I started my blog, I had to create a category for deaths because the death toll became alarming. An icon in the fashion world, Remi Lagos died, former Akwa Ibom first lady, Allison Attah died, Hope Harriman died, and a host of others. Four deaths painfully stood out for me; and they were:

3 year old baby Imienfan Omokaro Jolly who died in her school by drowning in a bucket of water kept in the school toilet. She would have been saved if the staff of the school had stopped being religious fanatics and rushed her to the hospital for immediate attention. Click HERE to read the story incase you missed it. I fought back tears as I reported the story. Especially because I have a daughter her age.

The Nigerian basketballer, Chinedu Onyeuku, shot dead in the US when he burgled a house. What in heaven’s name would make a young, talented man break into an American home to steal, when he knows an average American owns a gun and won’t hesitate to use it on an intruder? Read the story HERE.

The pregnant Yoruba actress, Silifonia, who was beaten to death by her lover . That was one more death which could have been avoided. And lets not forget that villain took two lives; Silifonia’s and her baby’s. We lost a talented actress. Read story HERE.

The death of Buhari’s daughter which we heard yesterday. Click HERE to read.

2. Nigerian Crimes

The terrorist Islamic sect, Boko Haram still continued taking more lives; bombing churches, raiding villages and killing the villagers. Killing of Christian families in their homes. Boko Haram even rubbished our so called National security by breaking into the police headquarters; killing policemen and setting their fellow members who were in police custody free. They even got into a military base successfully with two vehicles and bombed a protestant church there.

Now another Islamic terrorist group which call themselves Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan, has emerged…as if we were already able to handle the old one terrorizing us! 🙁

Crime was also on the increase. The worst were the gang of robbers with AK 47 weapons which terrorized Lekki and the Gang of 50 robbers which held Auchi under siege; blasting banks and the police station with dynamite.

3. Our Corrupt Leadership

The $31 Billion stolen under President Jonathan’s government and him still having the effrontery to request for a new banquet hall to be built in Aso Rock Villa when nothing is wrong with the old one. The new hall is to cost N2.2 Billion.

All these goes on as our pensioners are starving to death and desperately need medical support. We have poor educational facilities. University of Abuja students recently protested about this, stating all these facts. We have bad roads. We don’t have constant power supply which our Power Minister shamelessly blamed on evil spirits being the cause.

We have an ex-banker of Hallmark bank who just ended his hunger strike. I know all those promises they made to that poor man are all for the gallery.

What was the outcome of the presidential media chat? Will our president listen to the voice of the masses? I doubt that!

What about fuel scarcity? I could go on and on because I’m so upset about how heartlessly we treat one another.

I had an argument with a friend on Facebook. He called the present day Nigerians “a yeye generation.” He isn’t far from the truth.

HOW CAN WE STOP BEING A YEYE GENERATION? Which of us is ready to look past greed, tribal sentiments, religious sentiments, fascism, the mindset to exploit and embezzle and all the numerous vices eating us up, to stand out and make a difference?

We may have created a cancer which has no name; a cancer which is spreading fast and consuming everything in its path…but we have a cure…we can heal our land if we really wanted to.

Lets stand out…lets rebuild a proud nation.

That is my Deevanalysis. 


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2 thoughts on “Deevanalysis For November 2012”

  1. chineze says:

    *sad face* we so need help for this our country Nigeria

  2. @tyyneee says:

    Brilliant. Well served. This analysis is short but has depth at the same time. All your surmations are true to the later.
    Let’s continue to hope,to pray & to believe on the phenomenon called Nigeria.

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