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Hello readers, I’m so excited reaching out to you guys through my second deevanalysis. It feels like we were all running a race, and I tell you we may have just run faster than Usain Bolt! 😉 I remember when I wrote my first deevanalysis on October, 1. We were at 11,898 hits, as at today we’ve had 45,273 hits on Peace Ben Williams Blog. You and I made it happen, so I say a big thank you to all of you. 😉

My top 10 views by countries in October are: 1) USA; 2) UK; 3) Nigeria; 4) Canada;  5) Germany; 6) Australia; 7) France; 8) Sweden; 9) Switzerland and 10) Denmark.

My top eight commenters for the month are: 1) Tyyneee -386 comments; 2) Funmi -50 comments;   2) Sunday Udo -50 comments; 4) Chineze -25 comments; 5) Kaskae1 -10 comments; 5) Prosolution -10 comments; 7) Lanre -8 comments; and Omenka Egbuta -7 comments.

Tyyneee, it seems like you’re constantly on my blog, because you are so devoted to commenting. When my notification box blinks and I see your name, I know I’m in for a good laugh. You come with such amusing twists on your viewpoints. I practically reeled with laughter when I read your comment on Hurricane Sandy coming to Lagos. Wow!! Good job!

Funmi and Sunday tie at 50 comments, while Kaskae1 and Prosolution both tie at 10 comments. 🙂

I also got two new regular commenters; Mira and Deba. Thank you for visiting. JK of ‘The Secret Keeper’, you dropped a comment on my blog, I loved it! LeslieCarter, Cristian Mihai, Patrick Latter, MPG, WorldLifeHype  and Dunstan Ukaga– you guys Rock!

This month was filled with many touching and heart-rending stories. These were the top ten stories that witnessed the most traffic on my blog.

Hot Topics:

1. The Aluu Killings

The nation was thrown into mourning and raw rage, when a video showing four students of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria being brutally murdered by an irate mob over an alleged theft of cell phones and laptops went viral on the internet. They were hit on the head several times with 2 by 4 planks. After their brains spilled out of their heads, rubber tyres were placed on their necks, they were doused with petrol and burnt alive.

It was later discovered that the four boys Ugonna Obuzor, Lloyd Mike Toku, Chidiaka Biringa and Tekena Elkanah were innocent. These boys were in their 20s. They became known as the Aluu 4 or Uniport 4. A pained Nigerian lady wrote this on Facebook:

“Our sons, our brothers, four future husbands, four future fathers, four lineages wiped off in a blink of an eye by a community drenched in abject poverty & profound malevolence. Today we declare Aluu community cursed. They shall experience drought from generation to generation. Their land shall be barren. The people of Aluu must bear their guilt, because they have sinned against God and humanity. They shall fall by the sword; their male children dashed to death against the ground. The blood of the innocent cries out until Aluu community is exterminated from the face of the Earth. RIP brothers.”

View photos of their brutal murder HERE

2.The Man Who Jumped From the 8th Floor of a Building

Nobody knows what made this man who was healthy looking and well dressed to jump from the 8th floor of a secretariat building in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Some said he may have been a grieving relative of one of the murdered Uniport 4. My investigations revealed that he was involved in a N15m deal that went sour but details were very vague. See story HERE.

3. The Man with an Alleged Bomb on Arik Flight

The aviation ministry tried to put a seal on this story by releasing a statement which said that the alleged suicide bomber wasn’t carrying a bomb but was rather mentally challenged. I’ve got my own take on that story, but let sleeping dogs lie. The aviation ministry should step up their game like yesterday.

4.  Taraba State Governor Involved in Plane Crash

The governor of Taraba state, Danbaba Suntai, was involved in a plane crash last week, when his small jetliner which he was personally piloting at the time crashed in Yola. This was a most shameful story in the sense that, the aviation ministry only got to know there had been a crash after they got a call from a reputable news site about the incident. The ministry could not ascertain the exact crash site and so they presumed the governor dead.

“May the soul of the late departed Governor, Danbaba Suntai, of Taraba State rest in peace and may God grant the state peace this trying time,” the Special Assistant to the President on New Media, Reno Omokri, said via his twitter handle, @renoomokri.

As soon as it was confirmed that Governor Suntai, and his aides who were with him on the plane had indeed survived the crash, Reno had to take down his tweet. By then the damage had already been done as various blogs and news sites were reporting conflicting stories.

5. The Mubi Massacre

Another national tragedy. On October 1, when Nigeria was celebrating its 52nd Independence Anniversary, gunmen entered the Federal Polythechnic, Mubi Adamawa state. They had a list with which they called out the names of particular students. The gunmen divided them into two groups and brutally slaughtered the students in one group, execution style. The other group was set free. It is believed the victims were mostly Christians. See story HERE

6. Tonto Dikeh’s Two Singles

This was the comic relief of the month. 😀 Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh released two music singles this month after having a tweet fight with her fans who told her to stick to acting. When the songs came out, lets just say it wasn’t music in the ears of the listeners and she was tongue lashed and heavily criticized. Trust Tonto, she lashed back defiantly…it’s Poko baby!! 😀

7. 3 Out of 10 Men are not the Biological Father to Their Children

This story scared a lot of men and it sparked off a heated debate on how faithful one’s wife may be. Unfortunately, the debate took place on facebook and my friends and fans ‘refused’ to bring it to the blog. There were close to 200 interesting comments in response to this post.  A guy named George, posted a comment on my blog which was so touching and proved that this survey had some truth in it. Read George’s comment HERE.  A real food for thought.

8. Girl Runs Mad and Masturbates in Public

I had already analysed this story underneath my report, so I won’t over-flog it. For those of you who missed it, please click HERE. I was later told this incident happened in Kenya. Does it matter where it happened? Africa is Africa. We all have the same values, culture and traditions. They only differ slightly.

9. Boko Haram Commander arrested in a Northern Senator’s Home

The Joint Task Force allegedly arrested a Boko Haram commander, Shuaibu Bama in SenatorAhmad Zanna’s home. Bama happens to be Zanna’s nephew. Zanna claimed it was a set up; that Bama was rather arrested in former Borno state governor Ali Modu Sheriff’s house. He did admit that Bama was his nephew and that he gave Boko Haram N1.5m to buy Sallah rams. Can you beat that? *Lips Sealed*. I’m watching and waiting to see the end of this shameful story which involves a ‘leader’ of this country.

10. Kris Jenner’s Boobs on Instagram

I couldn’t believe the interest this grandmother’s boobs generated. I shouldn’t be so surprised because she’s Hottttt! There were so many searches and visits on my blog to view the wardrobe malfunction the Kardashians mom had when she slipped into her Wonder Woman Halloween costume. 🙂 See the story HERE.

It was fun hanging with you guys, let’s do it again. 😉  Happy Halloween!!

That is my Deevanalysis. 😉 😉


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  1. Sunday Udo says:

    A very critical analysis pls keep it up

  2. @tyyneee says:

    Hey!!!! *dancing*. The Aluu 4 thingy that you put up,but in particular the retort from the woman. I pray she takes back her curse(s).
    Gone are the days when God visit’s the sins of the fathers upon the sons. I know its a wicked generation & it hurts. Hey,it practically killed because I still have the short video that the idiot made rather than to try to save the boys but of course ,it was the same video that proved the pointers in the case. So a bitter sweet experience for me.
    I think the Kardashian’s grandmother is hot. I think her daughters can never be anywhere near her in her beauty,style & class.
    About Tonto’s songs,I like. *tongue out*

  3. kaskae1 says:

    Well done Deeva, good job and that makes us keep coming back for more *winks* let’s see what u gat for us this month. So get to work and get ur readers hooked.

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