#Deevanalysis | Why I Support Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s ‘Enemy Must Die’ Tweet


ADEBOYE-593x379All through yesterday, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was roasted on social media for a tweet sent from his church’s official Twitter handle on December 8, which read,

“Any relative or anyone blocking your way, if they don’t repent, they won’t see the new year. Songs Of Victory Pastor E A Adeboye”RCCG ADEBOYE-TWEET

Some Nigerian celebrities like Daddy Freeze and Uti Nwachukwu condemned the tweet strongly. Freeze said Pastors were “gradually departing from the era of grace.” Uti said Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies.
rccg-tweet-1I beg to differ and I’ll tell you why…

Before now, I was the last person on earth who’d pray ‘the enemy must die prayer.’ I loved to go to church, sing my hymns, listen to sermons, pray and go back home. I repeated that routine every Sunday and I was content.

Things were going well. I got married had two kids; male and female in quick succession. Few years into my marriage, I sensed a certain kind of stagnancy I could not describe in physical terms. My husband and I are mighty talented and we work as hard as a jackass; but the more we toiled, the more we had nothing to show for it.

Our children were growing up strong and healthy, they were both so beautiful to look at. They were also very intelligent, scoring over 95% average on their result sheets. Things got so difficult at a time that we could barely afford their school fees. Nothing tears a marriage down like financial crisis…that is after infidelity. We began to bicker over every senseless thing. We grew from being a couple who could hardly take our hands off each other to a couple that could barely stand each other. The next time I fell pregnant, my husband received the news with disgust. As if life wasn’t hard enough, we were going to have an extra mouth to feed.

In 2005, seven years into our marriage, things irretrievably broke down and we went our separate ways. I took my children and returned to my family house. While there, I had a vision one afternoon (not even night o). I saw myself stepping into a river. Suddenly, the river dried up and what was left was thick mud and I was sinking into it. The more I struggled to free myself out of the mud, the more the mud sucked me in like quick sand. Just as the mud reached my neck and I was about to be totally sucked into oblivion, I heard a voice thundering above me saying,

“Save me O Lord, for the waters have come up to my neck!”

It was like a wake up call…like someone was putting words in my mouth and telling me what to say. I wept out loud in that vision and kept screaming that prayer until I woke up. As soon as I regained consciousness, I struggled to remember where I’d heard that sentence before. It sounded like it was taken from the Scriptures, so I searched the Bible until I found it in Psalm 69. As soon as I opened it, I knew I was meant to pray that prayer. I began to receive understanding that I was being afflicted and I needed to say certain words to free myself. When I got to verse 22, my tongue stuck to my mouth and I couldn’t declare the words. They were to severe to pronounce on anyone, yet those words were in the Scriptures! That was when I felt a force stronger than me welling inside of me and prompting me to continue declaring.

Then it dawned on me. I had enemies…vicious enemies that hate me without cause (verse 4). Enemies that have vowed that I will never see good. The only way to shake THIS TYPE OF ENEMY off was to call for their eyes to be darkened (verse 23) and for the wrath of God to be poured on them (verse 24). This is when you should know that the entity afflicting you has sworn ‘over their dead body’ to see their evil through to the end. So it’s either you or them.

When Jesus told us to pray for our enemies, clearly he meant we should not dwell in hatred but keep an open heart toward all men. However there comes a time when an enemy refuses to repent and plans to take your head to an early grave. What do you do at that time? Turn the other cheek or take your charge of your destiny by violence? The same Jesus said that the kingdom of God suffereth (allows) violence since the time of John the Baptist and ever since, the violence has taken it by force, (Matthew 11, verse 12). Read the Amplified Version to best understand this metaphor.

I suffered. I had terrible afflicting nightmares for years and it pointed to the reasons my life suffered stagnation. I wrote about this earlier in my 5th Blog Anniversary post titled, ‘Dreaming of Lions’. [You can read it HERE.]

I prayed that prayer vehemently before I could experience any form of breakthrough. I remember when my childhood friend came to visit me and mocked my poor state to my face (story for another day.) It made me wonder how many more were laughing at my back.

Having a loving husband with wonderful kids was painful enough for the enemy to attack. If you’ve ever gone through a fraction of what I’ve gone through with convincing evidence that a negative spiritual influence was at work to destabilize your peace and happiness, you’ll never hesitate to pray that prayer.

I don’t pray like that all the time, only on rare occasions when prompted by the Holy Spirit. Most times, I rather pray for God to touch the heart of the evil man unto repentance.

So leave the man of God alone. Read the scriptures and understand that there is time for everything. A time for peace and a time for war. A time to fight and a time to sheath your sword.


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