#Deevanalysis | Why I’ve Decided To Carry The Apostle Johnson Suleman Saga On My Blog


SULEMAN-STEPHANIE OTOBO-639x420I have refrained from covering the Apostle Johnson Suleman‘s saga because seriously I don’t know what the truth is anymore.

If this is a plot to bring a good man down, I do not wish to be a part of it. And if on the other hand, Suleman isn’t who we think he is, I also do not want to be that Christian who will shame a female victim to cover up the wrongs of a religious leader.

However, I’ve realised as a pop culture blogger, it is my express duty to my readers to bring whatever news is trending around the globe; however unpalatable it might be. I’ll be reporting this bit of news from a neutral standpoint, and not necessarily from my deevanalysis standpoint, until I’m sure what the truth is exactly.

In all of this confusion, I sincerely pray this powerful prayer that if the Apostle is innocent in all of this, that God should not keep silent but expose all that is hidden to its very depths and let the name of the Lord always be glorified in this and in every situation. The name of the Lord is Almighty and no man can take away the power of faith from God’s children.

From the rising of the sun until its going down, the name of Yahweh will always be praised and feared to all the ends of the earth.


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  1. Elendu's Girl-pickin says:

    Amen to your prayer.

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