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DEEVARAZZI: See How Wendy Williams Looked In 5TH Grade, Her “Very Thin” Natural Hair & HOT Bikini Body

WENDY XAmerican media personality and talk show host, Wendy Williams recently shared a school photo she took when she was in 5th grade. She said all of the hair on her head in the little girl photo is her natural hair!…lovely.

The 47 year old presenter of The Wendy Williams Show is known for her many fabulous wigs. She says she never like rocking her natural hair in public because it’s too thin.

But in true fashion of a deeva who keeps it real, Wendy shared a photo of herself today on Instagram cooking a breakfast of pancakes, turkey bacon, susages and eggs….and wearing no wig. On her Facebook page, Wendy posted:

Yes it’s me no wig!! Boys r now eating perfect pancakes turkey bacon, sausage & eggs! Cause I’m a MOM!!

She also posted the same no-wig photo on her Instagram page, with the caption:

“Natural mom making breakfast for sleepover boys! How do u dress?”

WENDY POST 1When Wendy wants to glam up, she sure knows how to go all the way. The TV show host who loves to address herself as “a woman of a certain age” also shared a photo of her in a rose pink bikini, matching lipstick and a blonde wig. She finished her look with dark sunglasses.

Along with the photo, Wendy posted this comment:

“Goodbye summer..hello fall..winter be gentle…how you doin Y’ALL! Lol…good morning! I’m awake & on patrol about to make pancakes, sausage & eggs (cheese onions & pepper too). SMH @ smelly boys!! http://instagram.com/p/ej_vQCxeQJ/


I love the fact that Wendy represents the working mother who also values her role as a functional wife and mother. Way to go Wendy…and by the way…How you doing?

Wendy as a little girl in 5th grade; with all natural hair
Wendy as a wife/mom; in her kitchen cooking breakfast and flaunting her natural hair
Wendy all glammed up in bikini, wig, lipstick and sunglasses. Her belly tattoo is covering her tummy tuck scar.




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