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Deevarazzi: The 'Moonies' Mass Wedding In South Korea


Lol! Isn’t this picture funny? This photo was taken from the mass wedding ceremony of 3,500 couples who were married in South Korea two days ago. It was the first mass wedding organised by the Unification Church since their “messiah”, its founder’s death.

Another 24,000 followers, often known as ‘Moonies’, were married at the same time in about 70 other countries via video link, in a ceremony presided over by Hak Ja-han, the widow of  the church founder, Sun Myung Moon, who died in September at age 92, due to complications from pneumonia. Click below to see more photos…


The latest ceremony carried a special resonance, with Mr Moon’s 70-year-old widow Hak Ja Han presiding for the first time without her husband. It took place in a stadium at the church’s global headquarters in Gapyeong, east of the capital Seoul, where Mr Moon’s elaborate funeral was held on September 15.

Such mass weddings, including some held in giant sports stadiums, have long been a feature of the church and one that “Moonie” critics have suggested is evidence of cult leanings.


Source: Sky News



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  1. Tiredness can do that to you,(sleeping) you cant cheat nature,”wink”. Lol . On the mass wedding? well no skin pain abeg, as long as the law of the land recognise it as being legal. Congrat to them.

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