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Diary Of A Cheating Wife – [PART 10]

DOACW-10I sat in my room thinking about how I’m gonna get Mr Khumalo not to come. A few stupid ideas came but none of them were any use.

My number one problem was Phila. He was never gonna understand that my husband was in town and now he suddenly needs to take the back seat. I decided to call Mr Khumalo to see ukuthi useza yini.

Mr Khumalo: Nobuhle
Me: Baba,unjani?
Mr Khumalo: Ngiyaphila kakhulu,phela ngizolala ezandleni esithandwa sami namhlanje.

(Ouh God, Kanti yini inkinga yalo Baba)

Mr Khumalo: Nobuhle?? Usakhona??
Me: Yebo Baba, Ngisakhona,Ukuthi nje nginenkinga yeNetwork. Mawucabanga uzofika ngobani isikhathi?
Mr Khumalo: Angazi Mkami ngoba. I have two meetings and I’m not sure ukuthi azothatha isikhathi esingakanani.
Me: If your visit is gonna be any inconvenience Baba, ncono ubuye ungibone.
Mr Khumalo: Awu!! Ngingamane ngishiye kanke phansi kuno kuthi ngingaboni wena.
Mr Khumalo: I miss you Nobuhle
Me: Yimi engikhumbule wena Baba.
Mr Khumalo: Ngempela?
Me: Ngempela Mntugwa
Mr Khumalo: Then consider those meetings cancelled. I’ll see you in 4 hours.
Me: Awu Baba, you don’t have to do that.
Mr Khumalo: Yes I don’t have to kodwa, I’m doing it anyway. Sthandwa Sam, sekufuneke ngenze a few calls manje. I Love you.
Me: I Love you too, bye.

(Hangs up)

And right there, reality just hit me. I need to tell Phila about Bab’Khumalo as soon as possible. I couldn’t call him right now cause I knew he was in class, so I sent him a text.

“Babe, I need to talk to you, it’s really important. Call me after your class.”

I really hope that I’m doing the right thing by telling him because I don’t wanna jeopardize our relationship.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I’m gonna sugar coat the whole situation to Phila, but I couldn’t really find the right words. Although that doesn’t change the fact that I had to tell him. Hiding this from him would only make things worse.

Just then, my phone rang. It was Phila. I was a bit hesitatant to pick up the call because I was really scared. My biggest fear was not only losing him, it was losing him to Bab’Khumalo. I took a deep breath and I picked up.

Me: Hello
Phila: Hello?
Me: (Laughs) Hello Babe
Phila: That’s more like it. How are you Babe?
Me: Well I’m breathing. That should be a good sign. Did you get my sms?
Phila: I did. I just read it actually. Uhm…is everything okay babe? How’s your dad? Have you called your parents?
Me: Well about that, my dad wasn’t really sick.
Phila: I don’t understand,  you said…
Me: Yeah I know what I said, and  lied, to protect you.
Phila: You lied to me? Again Nobuhle?? I thought we were over that?
Me: Please don’t be mad I was scared.
Phila: Scared of what? You’re not making any sense right now.
Me: Yeah I know and that’s because you’re not giving me a chance to talk.
Phila: Khuluma ke!
Me: You know I love you right?
Phila: Nobuhle Khuluma.
Me: Okay well, I love you and I don’t wanna lie to you, I don’t want you to feel like you’re not man enough for me. But with that said, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m married, and I’m somebody’s wife, and there are duties that are expected out of me.
Phila: Wow okay.
Me: Yes, but that’s not why I needed to talk to you. My husband, uhm…Mr Khumalo I mean is coming over today and I don’t know how long he’s gonna stay.GUY-SAD NEWS(There was an awkward silence)

Me: Babe??
Phila: I’m not sure what you want me to say.
Me: Well…
Phila: Look, I need to go right now. I’ve gotta finish up an assignment.
Me: Hawu Phila I thought we were still talking?
Phila: I actually have nothing to say to you right now. I’ll see you when your husband is out of town. Or whenever it suits you, bye.

Before I could say anything, he hung up. I can’t really say I blame him. I would have reacted the same way. After all, this is quite a lot to take in.

And then a text came in. For a moment I thought it was Phila.

“Wear something sexy. It’s gonna be a long night.”

But it wasn’t. It was my husband. How am I gonna get through this? Things would be much easier if Phila reacted differently. My life just got even more complicated, but then that’s nothing new.

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