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Diary Of A Cheating Wife – [PART 40]

DOACW-40Everyone was quiet in the house. MaKhumalo would call us to the lounge and ask us to pray as a family for Bab’Khumalo. We all prayed, some more than others. I asked to be excused. I wanted to plant my recorder in Mam’Mkhizes room so I could record her if she had any conversations with anyone that would help with the investigation.

I quickly copied all my recordings to my laptop and deleted everything. I tip toed to Mam’Mkhizes room and put the recorder on the curtain rails. I taped it so it wouldn’t fall off. Just when I was about to leave the room Mam’Mkhize walked in.

My heart was pounding, I was so scared, I didn’t know what to say. She came in and locked the door. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. She stood there looking straight into my eyes. It was as if she was looking through me. I took another deep breath and attempted to talk to her.

Me: Uhmmm. I was just…
Mam’Mkhize: Just what?
Me: I was looking for some document of Bab’Khumalo’s, the detective asked me to look for it.
Mam’Mkhize: What document?
Me: Uhmm.. Its a file, a black thick file with his work stuff.
Mam’Mkhize: It’s in the study, in the cabinet.
Me: Oh thanks.
Mam’Mkhize: I hope that’s really what you were looking for.
Me: Aw what else would I look for? What is it that you are hiding in here anyway? You always on about how people shouldn’t come into your room and touch your stuff.
Mam’Mkhize: No its just my work stuff. Patients files are very confidential.
Me: Okay, if you say so then. We don’t need any suspicious behavior, our husband just got shot and we don’t know who did it. You don’t wanna become the cops’ first suspect with all this mystery about what you have in here.
Mam’Mkhize: Like I told you, its patients files. That’s all.
Me: Okay. Let me go get that file.

I walked out. That was close. I went to the study to get that file. I needed to cover up my tracks. I walked to the study and looked for the file. As I was about to open the cabinet, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to see who it was.

MaKhumalo: What are you looking for?
Me: I’m looking for a file. The Detective said I should get it.
MaKhumalo: No, leave it. Do not touch anything of my son’s.
Me: Excuse me?
MaKhumalo: I don’t trust anyone in this house, not you or this Mam’Mkhize. For all I know you two could have planned this shooting. Now you want to check for your share in those documents, I’m not stupid. I might be old but I’m not stupid.
Me: How dare you accuse me of such a terrible thing? I knew you never liked me but to pin this on me? I’m doing everything I can to help the detective find the person who did this to our husband. You really can’t go around throwing accusations like that around. With all due respect you cannot stop me from taking a file that could help with the investigation.
MaKhumalo: You don’t love my son, neither does that witch. You just want his money! I know your type.
Me: I will not stand here and let you insult me like that. Excuse me, I need to talk to the detective.
MaKhumalo: You are probably sleeping with him too. Get out of my sight!

I always knew this woman never liked me, I just got used to her insults and a part of me knew she would blame me for this tragedy. None of us were good enough for her son, if only ahe knew how much I wanted out of this marriage. I went to sit alone in my room away from all the maniacs in this house.

Phila called me to check up on me, it’s been a while since we last spoke. He was worried about me. I told him our plan while the detective had delayed and now Bab’Khumalo is in hospital. I told him about the drama happening in the house and he wished he could be with me to protect me. He still wanted to see me next weekend and I told him there is no need cause I’m going back to Durban on the Sunday of that weekend. He had another week off and I opened earlier than him.

The detective later called to say that the bullet found in Mam’Mkhizes arm was registered to Mam’Mkhize herself. He told me the police were on their way to the house to take her to the police station for questioning. Things were about to get interesting…



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