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Diary Of A Cheating Wife – [PART 42]

DOACW-42I woke up earlier than usual, I couldn’t sleep. I think it was the baby reacting to all this drama that had been happening.

I went to make some tea in the kitchen. Aunt Zodwa was already up and cleaning. She looked worried, I went to ask her if she was okay. She told me she was worried about Bab’Khumalo, said she didn’t want to lose her job, she had a family to take care of. I told her she shouldn’t worry, things have a way of working out eventually. This Bab’Khumalo thing had hit each and everyone of us hard, he was like a blessing in disguise.

I was running out of time with our deal with the detective. I didn’t know what to do. The detective was going to come later and I was pretty sure that he would ask me about my plan and I had nothing.

I had my tea in the lounge and watched some series that was playing. My mom called and wanted to come over and see how we were doing, she said she would come at about 11. MaKhumalo was in her room, I went to check up on her and she was already up. Old people never sleep, she didn’t look like she had slept. She was reading her bible and humming a church song. She didn’t even say anything or look up when I opened the door, she just carried on reading and humming. I asked her if she would like some tea and immediately asked Zodwa to make it for her and bring it to her. I decided to take a bath and wait for my mom.

I ran myself a long hot bath, I needed to relax a bit and try to think of a way out of this mess I had invented. I took my time in the bath and nothing came to mind. One thing was just dormant in my mind though. I kept thinking of switching off the life support that was helping Bab’Khumalo stay alive. I had no other constructive ideas, and at that time that idea seemed more compatible with the situation I was in. I was interrupted by Aunt Zodwa, telling me my mom had arrived and wanted to see me. I quickly got out of the tub and dried myself.

I looked for something to wear. I was not in the mood for dressing up so i just wore the first thing that i saw in my wardrobe. It was a dress that i usually wore when im in the house just lazing around. I got dressed and went to see my mom in the lounge.

Mama: How are you holding up my baby?
Me: I’m hanging in there mama. This was really unexpected.
Mama: I know nana, just stay strong in prayer and everything will work out just the way the Lord has planned it.
Me: Yes mama, we pray everyday. We are just waiting on the Lord now.
Mama: Where is Makhumalo?
Me: She’s in her room. She’s not taking this very well. Its really hard on her.
Mama: I can imagine… Nobuhle we need to talk and see how we can solve your problem. Is there any private place we can talk in?
Me: Lets go to my room.

We walked to my room and locked the door. I didn’t want anyone to walk in while we spoke about this issue.

Mama: Are you ready to tell me everything?
Me: Mama wait, before I tell you everything I need to tell you about Mam’Mkhize.
Mama: The second wife?
Me: Yes, mama. The gun that shot Bab’Khumalo was registered to her.
Mama: Aibo Buhle! How is that possible?
Me: Mama that woman is evil. I’m sure she married Bab’Khumalo for the money and now she wants to kill him for his money.
Mama: Buhle are you sure that this is not jealousy thats making you talk like this?
Me: No mama its the truth, the police arrested her.
Mama: This is bad, really bad. Has she no conscience?
Me: I don’t know mama but thats how this woman is. The detective will come later today to tell us about her arrest.
Mama: I hope she rots in jail, what she has done cannot be forgiven.

We sat there discussing how Mam’Mkhize had planned the whole thing. Everyone felt so bad for Bab’Khumalo and wanted Mam’Mkhize to pay for her sins.

After our long talk about Mam’Mkhize she immediately asked about the baby and what I meant the first time I told her that Bab’Khumalo was a thief. I told her that I was wrong. It was a misunderstanding. She believed me because she had set Bab’Khumalo on this pedestal that she didn’t want anyone to bring him down on. I told her about my relationship with Phila and how much I loved him. She ignored the fact that I was in love with him and kept on saying “but Nobuhle you are a married woman, you can’t be chasing around immature varsity boys”, she gave me a long lecture about how irresponsible I had been, and my reaction was still based on how I felt about Phila.

She also asked about the baby, how far along I was. She told me to tell Bab’Khumalo the truth and ask for forgiveness and maybe he would forgive and we could raise this child as ours. That was her solution to this problem. I couldn’t do that because Phila already knew about the baby and was willing to play his part. She told me that if he loved me he would understand why this was the best way to handle this situation.

Mom didn’t understand this whole thing, and it was hard because she didn’t know the whole story. I tried to explain why we couldn’t do that but she would not hear it. I gave up and she told me as soon as Bab’Khumalo gets better I should confess.

My phone rang and it was the detective, he told me he was on his way. Mom needed to leave so I walked her out. I went to sit in the lounge and waited for the detective.

He arrived about 15 minutes later. I went to MaKhumalos room to fetch her so she could be present when the detective tells us about Mam’Mkhize. He said that Mam’Mkhize is being held in a cell for now, the police are still doing an investigation because there are no finger prints on the gun and Mam’Mkhize refuses to tell the police who shot Bab’Khumalo with her gun. They have no leads so far but she will have to go to trial. I asked about the recorder and he said that type of evidence is considered as obtained unlawfully and they can’t use that evidence in court, it infringes her right to privacy. He assured us that he was doing his best to get to the bottom of this and he would find the shooter.

I walked him out and on our way to his car he asked me about my plan. I told him that I was thinking we should finish Bab’Khumalo off, that was the only way that this was going to work out in our favour. He was shocked and told me he did not believe in blood money and he would never stoop so low to get money.

He did not approve of my plan and told me he was not going to be a part of my devious plan. He was quite upset and got in his car and drove off…



Source: Diary Of A Cheating Wife/ Facebook

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