Did Uche Jombo Really Blast Aisha Buhari For Her “Edo Prostitutes” Comments? [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


UCHE-JOMBO-AISHA BUHARII’ve already written an extensive deevanalysis on my take about the controversial comments which were credited to the wife of the APC Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari. You can read that HERE. So I won’t overflog the issue.

I also advised that we as Nigerians should be very careful with the way we use stereotype slurs because they hurt. Also read that HERE.

But I still want to clarify a few things, especially after fans went in on Nigerian actress Uche Jombo, blasting her for ignorantly supporting a statement made by one Mrs. Sarah Obozuwa, a female activist from Edo State.

Ms. Jombo says Mrs Obozuwa’s memo was forwarded to her since it concerns a cause she is passionate about, so Uche reposted the memo on her official Facebook page. Here’s what she wrote:

“Please NOTE this is not about APC / PDP or who you are voting…..(file under what we shouldn’t use to campaign as girl – child trafficking is an advocacy I support and can tell you it’s sensitive ) this was sent to me.

As a supporter of all advocacy for women. … be it domestic violence, child marriage, women rights or what have you. i stay out of politics but… i shared the last post when I saw it and made my research… i repeat I don’t care about APC or PDP …

I have never taken money from any political party because I don’t EVER want to loose my right to question people about their statements and if the first lady made that statement I will still post it as i don’t like using stereotypical term in addressing ‘issues’ ….

if you insult me on my page I will simply block you and not sweat it but it wouldn’t stop me from sharing my thoughts and beliefs or my love for A better Nigeria.you are free to Google the speech.


Please read the report that was sent to Ms. Jombo and which she reposted, then I shall drop my thoughts below:

“Concerned Nigerian gender activists have called on the women of Edo State to forgive the unguarded comments recently credited to Mrs. Aisha Buhari, wife of the APC Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

Mrs. Buhari had in a campaign rally for her husband’s presidential bid in Edo State over the weekend had described the women of Edo State, as “prostitutes” claiming her husband’s administration will stop the prostitution by Edo women abroad.

In a swift response to Mrs. Buhari on Monday in Benin, Sarah Obozuwa, Founder of the Edo Women for Change (EWC) called on Edo women to forgive Mrs. Buhari.

“Aisha Buhari was born on September 29, 1979. As of today, Mrs. Buhari is only 35 years of age. She was married to Buhari in August 13, 1989, at the age of 9.

This means that Buhari at age 47, in 1989 was having sex with Aisha Buhari at the tender age of 9, an underage according to the constitution of Nigeria. So Mrs. Buhari is a victim of sustained childhood rape and her outbursts are understandable”, she said.

Speaking further, Mrs. Obozuwa said:

“How Buhari got Aisha Buhari pregnant at age 13 is a chilling story of a Buhari who defiled Aisha as a little child while she was visiting Zulai, Buhari’s eldest daughter who was her playmate. It is ironic how such a traumatized woman now stands at the vanguard of stigmatizing fellow women.”

My Deevanalysis

After much criticism from people who read this report on Uche’s timeline, she didn’t block them like she threatened she would. Rather, she took the post down and posted another comment acknowledging her mistake…UCHE-JOMBO-FBShe said:

“I deleted my previous ‘political’ reposts having read through your comments…I don’t ever want my page to become where people insult each other online in the name of political party. I stand corrected!”

It’s a good thing Uche took down that post because I cringed as a woman reading that memo. No right thinking person should endorse such a memo that was written just to throw shade at Mrs. Buhari just because she made a statement which was completely misconstrued.

This Mrs. Sarah Obozuwa, who says she’s  the founder of the Edo Women for Change…well, I don’t know what to say to her really. You don’t drag your fellow woman in the mud like that just to make a point. There are better ways of registering your displeasure.

Can we say it was Aisha Buhari’s fault that she was “raped” or “defiled” by Gen. Buhari at the age of nine? What does a nine year old really know, come to think of it? So why throw such a horrible shade when we should be embracing the path of healing for her if at all the claim is true?

The act of marrying an 8-year-old girl is barbaric no doubt, but we must not forget that our Northern Nigerian brothers see it as normal. It is their tradition and supported by their religious belief. If we must put an end to it, there are better approaches to take than this type of memo I read up there.

We in the south once killed our twins because we thought they were evil. Thank God wisdom came and showed us how barbaric we were. Some cultures in the south still support and carry out female genital mutilation. Some still give their widows the bath water from the late husband’s corpse to drink in a terrible witch-hunting exercise. Some of our Southern tribes still torture and beat our little children to death because we believe they have “witchcraft”

If we want to dwell on name calling and culture shaming, we’ll never be able to move our country forward. Each region in the country still has barbaric and inhuman customs we are still clinging to that need to be abolished. Until we all own up to our problems and work together, they may remain and continue to destroy our descendants for a very long time.

A victim of rape is the best advocate against rape and abuse because she has firsthand experience and a story to tell. A victim of female genital mutilation, VVF, or child marriage are all the best advocates to champion a cause that fights against it.

Dear Nigerian women, let’s always cover each other’s nakedness like our African mothers of old did.


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