Did Victor Omololu-Olunloyo Really Tell PREMIUM TIMES He Denounced His Daughter, Kemi?


KOO-DAD-800x565PREMIUM TIMES is a reputable news site as far as I know but I was shocked to read a controversial story they published on their website on Friday, July 8, 2016.

The story titled, “Former Oyo governor denounces daughter over social media posts” was a statement allegedly made by Chief Victor Omololu-Olunloyo about his daughter, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo and her controversial social media topics.

Kemi is well known for bashing Nigerian pastors, calling them frauds. Nigerian celebrities in the film and music industry are not spared either, the social critic always has an acidic, skin-cringing comment for them all.

The article from PREMIUM TIMES, was published soon after KOO released a statement that she was taking a break from Nigerian journalism. Her father, Chief Omololu-Olunloyo released a statement through his PA, Lekan the same day the article was published stating he never granted any interview to the news site.

The statement from the former governor read…

I have NOT released any statement of any kind about my daughter Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo denouncing her social media posts. There is a fake statement floating around websites which I learned about. I did not release any statement to Premium Times. Some of the contents are absolutely false. She has never been to Ireland nor landed in jail anywhere where the late Okunade Sijuwade had to bail her out. There is an Aboderin character that I have learned about whom I’m told is impersonating her on Instagram and other social media platforms attacking our family. A similar letter purported to have been written to Aboderin by me is also false. If anyone paid attention to my 2013 Punch newspapers interview, I commended Kemi’s views on social media telling the reporter Atoyebi “Kemi’s views are her views, you can’t change her.” Kemi recently did a July front cover interview with Oyo Herald magazine titled “My father did not disown me.”She is an adult!

I am not aware of Kemi’s decision to quit reporting Nigerian news until now so she is NOT responding to my fake statement floating ut there. Please disregard the endless impersonation and degrading of the Olunloyo family. I am not a fan of social media and this Facebook page was opened because of the rumors that circulated the internet during my 2010 illness saying that I was DEAD. This page serves the purpose of ending such rumours. Once again, I did NOT send out any statement regarding my daughter on social media. My number is public and any credible media outlet calls me for interviews not statements.

Victor Omololu Olunloyo
Former Gov Oyo State
Balogun of Oyo
July 8th 2016

Kemi also released a video statement which she streamed live, refuting the claim that her father granted the ionterview. She accused her old nemesis, Tokunbo Aboderin as being the brain behind it.
KOO wrote:
“The Fake Statement circulating the media purportedly from my father denouncing my social media posts. It was sent to Premium Times by Tokunbo Aboderin and was never VERIFIED with my father. His PA has now released a statement on Facebook.com/OmololuOlunloyo

Watch the video…


The post was taken down from PREMIUM TIMES for a while, after which it was reinstated. Kemi has threatened to sue the news site for defamation, but the burning question on my mind is,

If this news wasn’t verified before it was published, why is it still up on their website?


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  1. Djob44@yahoo.com says:

    Stop being a Kemi Olunloyo stooge. She is using you. That is not her father’s facebook page. Kemi created that page. You are assisting her to abuse her father.

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