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Did You Know Tinubu Owns All This?

Bola-Ahmed-TinubuBefore 1999, current APC leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu had none of these of which 70% belongs to the government and the masses. Check out the list below…

1. Oriental Hotel

2. Falomo Shopping Complex

3. First Nation Airline

4. Lekki Concession Company

5. Apapa Amusement Park

6. Maiyegun Land Project

7. The Nation Newspaper

8. Renaissance Hotel

9. Tejuoso Market (Joint ownership)

10. Ikeja Shopping Mall

11. TV Continental

12. Converted Lagos Poly land for TVC

13. Owned NNPC Office building in Lagos

14. Radio Continental

15. Owned School of Nursing building in Lagos

16. Tax Collector of Lagos State (owns Alpha Beta, a company Prof. Osinbajo is a director)

17. Wife is a member of the National Assembly

18. Son-in-law is a member of the National Assembly

19. Daughter is the President-General of Market Women Association in Lagos

20. Two of his nephews given tickets to Lagos State House of Assembly

21. N4 billion government financed property for self at Queens Drive, Lagos.

22. Owned Royal Gardens Estate, Lekki and a host of others including choice Lagos State Lands he cornered to himself, family members and cronnies.

23. He is supporting and Financing Buhari not because he loves him or Democracy but because he wants to expand his resource grabbing to the Federal level including oil blocs of the Niger Delta.

Culled From: IPromoNaija



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