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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1: The Woman Who Dragged Her Husband By His Manhood In Public [SEE PHOTO]

HUSBAND SHAMER-2To what length will you go to shame your husband for cheating on you? I saw this photo and my jaw literally dropped for a minute.

One woman went berserk when she caught her randy husband defiling their 9 year old house help. The woman alleged that her husband had also in the past, defiled his own daughters and about 3 other house helps in the same neighborhood.

She disgraced her husband by pulling his manhood while she paraded him around naked. Reports say the bitter woman decided to take laws into her own hands by laying a trap to catch the man red handed.

Details were not given about the “trap” she laid but sources say when she caught him, she grabbed his penis and threatened to rip it off his body if he resisted.

The husband had no option than to obey his wife who paraded him around their neighbourhood butt naked.HUSBAND SHAMERI had to censor the photo, but if you want to peep at the uncensored version, please click HERE.

I have several things I’d like to say about this story…

1. Why employ a 9 year old girl to work as a maid? It is so wrong. Most women are advised to get a little girl of that age so their husbands won’t hit on them, but as you can see from this story, there’s no age limit for perverts. This popular African ideology was sold to me once and I foolishly bought it. The ‘maid’ couldn’t even carry my sleeping 4 year old son to bed. Then I realised I had no help but had adopted another baby in ignorance. I was relieved when she said she wanted to go back home. A 9 year old should be in school and living her childhood, not working.

2. It is so unsettling to see the husband grinning at the bitter wife and isn’t at all bothered that his cucumber is few seconds away from being ripped out of his body. Neither does he seem bothered that his neighbours are watching the whole ugly drama.

3. Women, never do this to your husbands no matter the provocation. This is pure sacrilege and there is no justification for this sort of behaviour. Exposing your husband’s penis to the public? The same instrument through which your precious children came from? And after that, chances are you’ll still make love to it? Are you not a fool?Tufikwa!! Disgracing your husband like this equals to disgracing your own self too, period.

4. As for Mr. Can’t-Keep-His-Cucumber-in-His-Pants, why is he still allowed to run wild and free? Why isn’t he in jail? From the statistics above, he has raped and defiled half the underage girls in his neighbourhood, including his daughters. The police should be knocking on his door right about now…bloody pervert!

Pweebers, I don’t know what your thoughts are about this, but what’s the best way to handle a randy husband?



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