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“Don’t Touch My Girlfriend!” – Chicago Man, Mike Jones Warns Obama [WATCH VIDEO]

Joke: Mike Jones was caught on camera poking fun at the President as he voted alongside Jones' girlfriend Aia Cooper in ChicagoEven the President of the United States has to deal with jealous boyfriends.

Casting his ballot in Chicago on Monday, Barack Obama stood at a voting booth next to Aia Cooper, whose fiancé Mike Jones decided to crack wise with the president.

“Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend,” Jones quipped as he walked by the two.Last laugh: The President made fun of Mike Jones to his girlfriend Aia Cooper at the polling booth and told a delighted Ms Cooper her boyfriend was 'embarrassing'“I really wasn’t planning on it,” Obama replied, joking that Jones was “an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason.”

A clearly embarrassed Cooper apologized for her boyfriend, telling the President she knew her boyfriend was going to “say something smart,” but she didn’t know what.

At least she would go back home with a good story as Obama joked that she would tell her friends and family, “I can’t believe Mike, he is such a fool.”'Fool': Obama jokes and references himself as he teases Mike Jones' girlfriend Aia saying he was lucky 'the President was nice' about his heckling“But fortunately, the President was nice about it, so it’s aiight,” Obama said, imagining how Cooper would tell the story.

Obama got back at Jones after voting, with a hug and a kiss for his fiancé.

“On the cheek, just the cheek — please, Michelle, don’t come after me — just the cheek!” Cooper told CNN affiliate WLS-TV after voting.

“Now, he’s really jealous,” Obama told Cooper.Jealous now? Obama taunted his heckler back by giving his delighted girlfriend a kiss on the cheekObama was in Chicago on Sunday and Monday campaigning for Gov. Pat Quinn, who is facing a tough battle for reelection.

Obama also helped lead the Democratic push for early voting in Illinois, casting his ballot on the first day of early voting near his Chicago home.

Hot water! Aia Cooper rolled her eyes outside the polling booth after her boyfriend Mike Jones teased the president - before adding to Michelle that she and Barack only shared a peckMike Jones & Aia CooperOvernight stardom: The couple were interviewed following the jokey exchange with the President Overnight stardom: The couple were interviewed following the jokey exchange with the President.

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