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Drama In Enugu As Desperate Man Kneels Down On The Street To Beg A Girl For Love, But The Girl Shocked Him [Photos+Video]

This drama here, took place in Enugu, Nigeria. These are the times I wish I understood the Igbo language.

But from the body language I saw in the video, it seems the man did something terrible and unforgivable to the woman. He is seen kneeling by the side of a very busy road and begging the woman for forgiveness.     .The woman seems even more infuriated by his humble gesture and slaps him hard across the face. Some of the men can be heard scolding the man for his “f**k up”, while a woman standing behind can be heard telling the angry girlfriend to forgive the distraught man.

The angry girlfriend is pulled away by her friend who was standing beside her. But Mr. Loverboy persistently follows his lady love meekly behind, kneeling and pleading for forgiveness. Now, if this happened somewhere in Europe or America, you’d have heard a lot of ‘Awwws!’ and ‘Ooohs!’ and ‘Ahhhs!’ This video would have gone viral for all the right reasons. The man would have been called a 21st century Romeo, while netizens would have made followup video to plead with the angry ‘Juliet’ to give her ‘Prince Charming’ a second chance.

But not in Nigeria. In a society as intensely patriarchal as can be, the man was seen as a fool who ‘stooped so low’ to beg a mere female in public. Some versions of this story reported that the crowd who gathered to watch were ‘shocked and embarassed’ at the woman’s response.

I think the woman shouldn’t have slapped the man in public or further humiliated him more than what the crowd were already doing to the man because he dared to kneel for a woman IN PUBLIC.

For me ooo, the man had humbled (or humiliated?) himself to the lowest point ever for a typical Nigerian man. No other apology could have been more sincere and as such the woman should have responded in a more gentle manner.

Watch video below…


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