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Edo Guy Living In The UK Drive Neighbours Mad With Stench Coming From His Ogun Shrine [WATCH VIDEO]

EDO MAN SHRINE IN UK-660x330A video has surfaced on the web of a Nigerian man named Christian, living in the UK who keeps a fetish shrine in his room.

Details from the video are hazy, but here’s what I gathered from the obviously angered woman taping the video who spoke in Bini and English…

The woman and her husband gave the young man a room to live in their home, probably because he was stranded and needed accommodation.

Unknown to the couple, their house guest who is ironically named Christian picks up his bible every Sunday and goes to church. But when he gets back into the privacy of his room, he’d slaughter animals and sacrifice them to a secret shrine he erected to serve the god Ogun…the African god of Iron.

Christian’s secret was exposed after neighbours complained about an unbearable stench coming from the woman’s home. The woman decided to give her home a thorough sweep with a vacuum cleaner, while her husband proceeded to disinfect the whole house as they didn’t know what was causing the stench.

As soon as they opened the room Christian occupied, what they saw left them shocked and angry. He had a full shrine with idols and blood of slaughtered animals sprinkled on the wall.

Christian standing beside his Ogun shrine

The woman who vowed to share the video on Facebook, could be heard yelling:

“Christian! So mind let you do this?

While her angry husband could be heard saying…

“Is this your house?…Who gave you the right?…He should pack…you should pack this thing now!”

“What kind of nonsense is this?…just start packing all these things! He even dey slaughter animal for here. I can’t breathe, I’m about to choke!”

The wife added,

“You have to sanctify this room! [In Bini: Ever since you started serving this god, what has he done for you?] Has he increased you? Has ‘this thing’ increased you? Chunk of wood!”

This is what you serve, every Sunday you carry bible you go to church! Every Sunday you go to church, which god are you serving? The chunk of wood abi the Almighty God who made heaven and earth?”

You don’t deceive people, you people are hypocrites…hypocrites!”

Christian can be seen begging the angry woman to stop taping but the defiant woman says,

“Leave me because the way wey I take, take you as my brother, you disappoint me!

This is somebody who disappoint person, what he got.

Na wa ooo..every time you come through [the] back [door].”

Then she turns to her neighbours and says,

Do you know what? He always come through backyard. Every time, he come through back of house.

A neighbour says,

“So na the blood naim dey smell.” (So it’s the blood that has been causing the stench.)

It seems the woman finally threw him out of her house, because she could be heard saying:

“He’s not sleeping in this house! Darkness and light don’t meet and that is my prayer always.

I will always pray that anything that is not of God…God will always reveal.

I think you have relations here, pack and go there…so this house noooo…”

Watch the video…



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