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Egor Efiok Rants About Kunle Afolayan’s Unpatriotism To Nollywood

EGOR EFIOK-KUNLE AFOLAYAN-2Calabar film industry boss, Egor Efiok has a bone to pick with Nigerian film producer, Kunle Afolayan.

Efiok went on a rant after she read a recent interview Afolayan granted CKN News where he stated that he hardly watches Nigerian movies because they do not challenge his mind.

Efiok took to her Facebook page and wrote:

“When God elevates you and you allow pride take over and begin to look down on others, remember the fate of King Nebuchadnezzar. #PrideGoesBeforeAFall #Word

*rant begins* 😡😠😡 Kunle Afolayan now has all these endorsement deals, courtesy of his good business acumen; hence he has forgotten his humble beginnings and now feels like he is better than Nollywood greats like Tunde Kelani, Izu Ojukwu, Zeb EjiroChico EjiroObi Emelonye and others, too many to mention.

Only someone with self esteem issues would utter such balderdash. You don’t watch Nollywood movies, yet you expect other people to watch your own Nollywood movies. Look at Genevieve Nnaji. She did not make noise for years and then came out with this groundbreaking deal with her film, Lionheart, starring an all Nigerian (aka Nollywood) cast. Netflix bought the film and she took Nollywood straight to Hollywood, with Richard Quest also breaking the news on CNN. She put Nollywood on the international map and will always be highly respected for it. You should emulate her rather than run your mouth.

I give it to you, your films have made their marks too, but you have always been an egomaniac. This is not the first time you have infuriated your fellow Nollywood filmmakers with your self serving remarks. Remember the furore you caused a few years ago and nearly succeeded in banging the heads of Yoruba and Igbo filmmakers together? You keep trying to cause disunity in Nollywood for reasons best known to yourself.

I used to be a great fan and even let you join my entourage to the presidential villa in July 2013. I will NEVER again watch any movie of yours. Learn humility from colleagues of yours like Obi Emelonye, who by the way, has also made Hollywood Meets Nollywood movies and put Nollywood on the international map, yet he never misses an opportunity to promote Nollywood.

For the rest of us who watch Nollywood and Hollywood movies, let us continue to believe in our Nollywood. If you are a Nigerian filmmaker who trained abroad, rather than criticise Nollywood, please bring your talent back home and help to improve Nollywood. Kene Mkparu brought his talent back home to Nigeria and encouraged other British born Nigerians to do the same. “Wedding Party” and “When Love Happens” were birthed as a result and many actors’ careers soared. He could have boasted like Kunle that he doesn’t watch Nollywood movies; rather he infused his knowledge from watching both Nollywood and Hollywood movies and came up with a stellar cast of Nollywood veterans and upcoming stars in “Wedding Party”, with his team of fellow respected producers, to create a blockbuster. Now, this is what I am talking about.

Kunle Afolayan, lose the attitude and embrace humility. It is not too late. Humility will take you a long way. *rant over* *drops mic* 



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