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Egor Efiok Reveals Details Of Surgery She Underwent To Remove Endometrial Polyps

EGOR EFIOK-490x600Egor Efiok, has revealed details of a recent surgery she had in Nigeria dispelling the myth of poor medical experitise among medical practitioners in Nigeria.

The Director General, Callywood Studios and President, Professional Filmmakers Of Nigeria (PFN) who suffered from Endometrial Polyps coupled with Adenomyosis shared a video on Facebook, of the growth inside her and compared her experience while being treated for the condition abroad with how she was finally saved by a doctor in Nigeria.


This is the Endometrial Polyps coupled with Adenomyosis that has kept me bedridden and bleeding cats n’ dogs like it is going out of fashion for 6 weeks. I also have multiple tiny fibroids, but ironically, they are a joke compared to this culprit.egor-efiok-polypsDr Alabi here of Southshore Women’s Clinic, who operated on me, took out 86 fibroids from a woman in a four hour operation and has operated on two of my friends. He is in LAGOS.

I spent 3 weeks in London in agony and apart from the fact that they did not pick up the Endometrial Polyps and Adenomyosis, they said it was just fibroids and were hard to remove cos they are small and multiple…they advised me to have a hysterectomy.

In the meantime, I was pumped with painkillers that made me hallucinate and not remember conversations…in fact I was even nice to some “frenemies” on the phone and had no recollection of our conversations until snippets came back to me the next day.

I was slurring my speeches and could not remember posts I had written on Facebook until I see them the next day and I’d be asking myself when I wrote them…the feeling was equivalent to drinking ten bottles of wine!

I think I was slowly running mad and thank God I noticed and quickly nipped it in the bud. I remember when Kemi Adetiba talked about her fibroid nightmare and how she was also offered a hysterectomy in New York. She just jejely went back home to LAGOS and had her very successful operation there.

In the course of my research to find the best doctors in Lagos, many more famous friends confided in me the similar fibroid nightmares they had been through and successfully operated on in Nigeria.

I am sharing this information widely for the benefit of women going through this in Nigeria. Please don’t travel out…believe me when I tell you first hand that this is one area that oyibo “fall hand”…Nigerian doctors are more experienced with fibroids…remember it is “black women’s illness” just like sickle cell anaemia is “black people’s illness”…there are a few odd cases of white people having them too, but it is very rare.

To allay your fears as well, many of the Nigerian doctors that you guys are running away from have also worked in the UK and US…my Dr here, lived and worked in the UK for 14 years.

Dr Efiok in Calabar of Amandajarvis Clinic is also a Consultant Gynaecologist like Dr Alabi, but as you already know, it is unethical for him to operate on me, so I had to seek out another best. Dr Efiok is also an IVF specialist and he studied in Nottingham and Oklahoma.

So as you can see, ladies, we have very good doctors in Nigeria; If you have these serious gynaecological problems, please stay back home and sort yourself out. Let hysterectomy only be your last option…do not take drastic decisions too soon. On the other hand, however, there may be situations where you really may have to have a hysterectomy to save your life…if you have had children, silently thank God and do it…and even if you don’t have, please don’t let it kill you…if you have to do it to save your life, then do it, you can always adopt.

I thank God for my successful operation and pray it stays this way and does not come back, cos if it does ehn…the womb is out mbok! The pain, suffering and money I have spent over this…I cannot wish a frenemy. Thanks again for your lovely messages.

I am still weak, but am glad I managed to summon up the energy to write this, as I pray it helps someone out there. Shalom.

Lest I forget too, special thanks to my darling friend and sister of life Monalisa Chinda, who lodged me in the most beautiful suite at Oriental Hotel for me to quietly recuperate in. Love you scarra sis, thanks for always being there; God bless you tons.

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