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Egor Efiok Shades Her Friend Monalisa Chinda’s Ex Hubby

Victor Olusegun Dejo-Richards
Photo Credit: Facebook

Who remembers Olusegun Dejo-Richards? He was once married to Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda.

We also heard gist that year that he wanted to use beating to finish the light-skinned actress who had to run out of the marriage to save her dear life.

Monalisa Chinda
Photo Credit: Instagram

So blogger Joi John of Imo State Blog shared an inspirational quote on her Facebook page which she credited to Dejo-Richards., when Egor Efiok jumped in on the comment thread to shade the heck out of the accused wife beater.

Egor Efiok
Photo Credit: Facebook

The Cross River State film boss responded to the above post,

“So this my friend’s ex hubby can have small sense? Lol! Stop giving him publicity mbok!!!”

Lol!!! Which girl wouldn’t like to have a ride or die bestie like Egor?



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