Emeka Ike Names Producers Who Demand Sex In Exchange For Acting Roles…Did He Do The Right Thing?


Emeka-IkeThere has been much talk about the can of worms Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike opened at the 2nd Edition of the City People’s Political Awards which held recently in Lagos.

The Imo State born actor, who was a guest at the show was said to have revealed the names of Movie producers who sleep with actress for roles to journalists. Now, I don’t know what preceded him spilling the beans. I’m only particular about what the gossip media claimed that he said. The actor reportedly said:

“There are five people who have taken the laws of Nigerian movie industry into their hands. They are Emma Ogugua, Murphy Stephen, Sunny McDon, Okey Bakassi and Ifeanyi Dikeh. These five people registered Actors Guild of Nigeria as their personal business. No other individual can come in.

My first concern is to clean up Nollywood, clean up AGN. Every Nigerian youth want sto act movies now, what future are we leaving for them? Where are they going to write their names?

The two bedroom in Surulere where they would ask you to come and grace their beds before they give you roles? Where they would make you join a gay group or lesbian group before they talk to you? Nollywood has gotten so bad that you must either strip and grace their beds or join the gay or lesbian group to belong.

 The people at the helm of affairs are the ones killing Nollywood. Some of us the well-known actors don’t even know their rights. I dare say it again, they don’t. Nobody can come out to challenge me. We built this industry with pain. Those who are at the helm of affairs now, people don’t even know them in the movies. They just came in and messed everything up.

 Ibinabo has been acting as the president of AGN for years now, but with her case as an ex-convict, do you have any moral justification to recognize her as the president? The court case is still on and the war continues. That wasn’t the industry I founded. My daughter will not to go into that industry tomorrow and they would say she must sleep with one of them to get a role. Neither would my son be a part of Nollywood that is full of immoralities.” 




Ifeanyi-Dike1Ifeanyi Dikeh


Some people are of the school of thought that Emeka should have kept his “big mouth” shut. I am of the school of thought that says why should he keep his mouth shut, if the allegations are true?

These are very serious allegations. First, most of the men he called out, if not all are married…some with grown children. Take for example, Ifeanyi Dikeh. He the father of that cute little guy, Ifeanyi Dikeh Jnr. who play the role of Titan, Shalewa’s boyfriend on Tinsel. These men are supposed to be fathers and mentors to our little girls not ravaging their innocence.

If the allegations are false, then Emeka is in serious trouble for defamation of character. But if they are true, then the culprits need to be shamed and here’s why…

An average Nigerian is stupid. I hate to admit it because, I’m one hell of a proud Nigerian, but the truth they say is bitter. Our children don’t read anymore because they now feel the easy way to success is by cutting corners. So you find majority of people who post on social media have nothing intelligent to say.

Nowadays, our young girls feel they can sleep their way to the top. Our young boys feel they can bribe and also sleep their way to the top. Hard work is scorned and knowledge means nothing. The fear of God? Are you speaking Greek or Chinese?

Those who are supposed to be elders are exploiting them…ruining them…derailing and destroying our youth. Like Emeka rightly asked: when we died off, who are we leaving our legacy for? What values have we instilled? What future are we leaving for them?

Think about it.


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1 thought on “Emeka Ike Names Producers Who Demand Sex In Exchange For Acting Roles…Did He Do The Right Thing?”

  1. Sunday Udo says:

    If it is true that the big boys in our film industry indulge in immorality with the up coming artists, then what is this country turning into — Sodom and Gomorha?
    We Nigerians have no moral justification to condemn our very wicked, heartless and corrupt politicians when we also mess up any opportunity to serve fellow Nigerians. May God help us!!!

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