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Enter Author, Sinmisola Ogunyinka’s New Book: Frail Flesh

If you haven’t heard about this refreshingly maverick Nigerian author, Sinmisola Ogunyinka then you may not know what good African Literature tastes like; and yes I use the word “taste”! Taste would become the undeniable verb of choice when you pick up any one of Sinmi’s books. It is sweet to the senses and essentially a ‘wisdom food’ for your soul. By the time your done reading her book, she would have succeeded in injecting a piece of her charm into you and believe me, that charm sure lingers for a very long time.

Sinmisola Ogunyinka

In a world where sex and violence sells, Sinmisola brings with her a refreshing take on pure, untainted entertainment. The type that invokes memories of the age of innocence; she takes you to a time when people were real and dependable. Her writing style is exquisite  and delicate; easily appealing to the senses.

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka was born to Dr. & Mrs. E.A. Ifaturoti, who are great writers and highly successful people. Her father was a retired mining engineer and her mother is a retired teacher, proprietress and an avid reader and writer. Sinmisola is the last of six children. Her siblings are all very successful professionals and writing is a talent in the family.

Her new book, ‘Frail Flesh’ comes out this week and promises another bout of mind-blowing entertainment.


Twenty years is a long time in a man’s life. For Otto Alexander, he rose from a troubled childhood to build a business empire. For Roan Joseph, she got past a teenage trauma to become a self-made, confident and career-driven woman. The day they met, twenty years’ achievements got a new meaning and a new definition. Putting their challenges and achievements aside, they plunge into a love affair both never knew they had a capacity for, embracing a new found love for God and for one another with zest.

But this new life must come at a cost because both have secrets that threaten to destroy their fragile balance – demons from Otto’s past are unrelenting, and Roan must come to face the reality of who she really is.

Frail flesh is a tale of love, fate, determination, resilience, fruits of repentance and forgiveness.

Can they truly maintain courage, even in the face of the ultimate betrayal of their frail flesh?

Sinmisola’s previous works include: ‘Sister Minister’, ‘Pepper’, ‘Scent of Water’, ‘The Devil Lied’, and the Wisdom Series: ‘Wisdom for Women’ ; ‘Wisdom for Singles’, and ‘Wisdom for Pastors’ Wives’. She’s also anticipating the release of ‘Wisdom for All Vol 1’ in December.

Grab your copies through the following mediums:

Debonair Bookstores, 294 Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos

Online Store: amazon.com

Facebook Page: Sinmisola Ogunyinka’s Book

Email: sinmisolao@yahoo.com

Phone: 234-803-723-8410



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  1. this is awesome! The news are fantastic….im gonna buy dis frail flesh-o. Thumbs up deeva peace! (diva interupted)

  2. I am sooooo looking forward to reading this book oh, kai the excerpt is so tantalizing

  3. She’s no doubt a talented author with rare writing skills. I recommend her novels for people who want a refreshing twist to suspense and thrill. Kudos to her.

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