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Everyone’s Talking About Adaora Ukoh’s New Year Boobs…Take a Look!

ADAORA UKOH-BOOBSOh my! Nollywood actress, Adaora Ukoh opens the new year by heating up the screens of our laptops, cellphones and tablets with this cleavage of life.

Some guys have gotten so heated up that they are loosening their ties and unbuttoning their shirts to cool down their temperature. Wahala! The Lekki Wives actress who plays the role of Miranda, posted this racy photo on Instagram with the following message:

In 2014 :
Friends were made
Family grew
Fans increased
New business deals/partners emerged
Spiritual growth experienced
Devil tried but failed
Rivals sustained their “beef”
Enemies fooled themselves
Disappointments happened
We lost people
Nigeria survived
The world didn’t end
I’m still alive
God is still God
Bring on 2015


Hmmm…Adaora is certainly giving the guys something they can feel *singing En Vogue*



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