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EXCLUSIVE | “South African Intelligence” Threatens Lenstrokes Media Over Video Skit Condemning Xenophobia

SOUTH AFRICA-CVLenstrokes Media is a well known Nigerian Film Production Company famous for shooting cautionary tales on relationship, politics and pop culture.

The film company released a video skit sometime in March 2017, at the height of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa on innocent hard working Nigerians living in the country. The video condemned the killings and criticized South African president, Jacob Zuma for his silence over the killings.fadda-xenophobic attacks-cv

[If you missed that video, click HERE to watch]

This morning the CEO of Lenstrokes Media, Dr. Ben O. Williams received a phone call from a man who claimed to be from South African intelligence, demanding to know why the video was shot. He quickly dismissed the call, threatening that South African Intelligence will soon be in Nigeria to investigate Williams and his company, Lenstrokes.

BEN WILLIAMSDr. Ben O. Williams, CEO Lenstrokes Media

Click below to listen to the phone call…

MY DEEVANALYSISFirst of all, I highly doubt if that call was made by anyone in South African Intelligence. This is because I expect them to be more ‘intelligent’ than the idiotic caller in that audio who is demanding to know why a video was shot to highlight the truth!

We were there for our South African brothers throughout the time they were suffering under an apartheid government. Nigerians became overnight freedom fighters. Our musicians sang songs to protest the injustice, our men and women staged protests and our clergy prayed for their emancipation. As a kid, I first knew about apartheid through the freedom-fighting songs of our late music legend, Sunny Okosun. I remember Okosun’s Fire in SowetoPapa’s Land and Revolution were dedicated to black South Africans, demanding for an end to racism, injustice and apartheid.

Today, they have repaid our kindness and solidarity by roasting Nigerians alive for no good reason other than they are living in their country. Please do not let my blood boil!

Please we are waiting for that useless, leprous, vomit of a “South African Intelligence” to come to Nigeria and do their worst. Let me see if you have taken leave of your senses and you have nothing better to do than come all the way to West Africa to bully a movie producer who shot a skit that tells the truth about your gross betrayal to the very people who stood by you in your darkest hour.


#IStandWithLenstrokes #IStandWithLenstrokes

#IStandWithLenstrokes #IStandWithLenstrokes

#IStandWithLenstrokes #IStandWithLenstrokes



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