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Exposed! Nude Clubs Where Lagos Big Girls Practice Lesbianism By Entertainment Express Nigeria

LESBIANSThe devil’s parlours, as strip clubs are often called, are not places for the saints. However, against wide spread condemnations, nude clubs, otherwise known as gentlemen’s clubs, still thrive and thrill Lagos residents.

Sunday Express recent investigations revealed that rich and highly connected society ladies now frequent some of these secluded unholy zones, for the despicable sexual acts of lesbianism.

Despite the clampdown by the Lagos State Government, who waged a battle against nudists and operators of nude clubs including  Club Unique, Wallstreet, Cazzbah and Magic City formerly known as Ocean Blue; all located within the Lagos State Capital, Ikeja, they are still boldly operating. The move which was applauded in many quarters then was seen as the end of the ungodly act in the state.

Shockingly, the arrest, instead of curtailing the act and deterring many from involving in the act, further created more awareness about their existence, thereby luring more unwary women either in search of quick cash or ‘quickie’ sex into the zone. Today, apart from the resurfacing of the clamped down clubs, so many others have also sprung into the acclaimed lucrative business.

Sunday Express’ visit to some of the clubs further revealed that, apart from the randy gentlemen who call to calm their nerves by watching girls of different sizes and shapes dancing unclad, the clubs are now heavily patronized by different categories of women including top society ladies, both the married and unmarried who are into lesbianism.

The strip clubs SE recently visited include: Club Unique, Wallstreet, Cazzbah and Ocean Blue. Club Unique is located on Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, while Wallstreet is located on 70B Allen Avenue. Ocean Blue, is located adjacent to Sweet Sensation Eatery Bus-Stop, while Cazzbah is situated opposite Opebi Bus-Stop, all in Ikeja, Lagos.

SE’s visit, uncovered shocking details on how these unholy sex havens are managed and manned.
The clubs are all similar in their modus operandi, and parade all kinds of girls, both from Nigeria and beyond, who are ready to bare it all, to the admiration and fantasy of both male and female fun seekers.

On a daily basis at Club Unique, the street-Ogundana- starts witnessing heavy female presence from 9.p.m., especially on weekends. Well dressed, Godly looking, they majestically stroll into the bubbly club. Within 30 minutes, they are already undressed and set for the business of the night. Within this same hour, regulars and new patrons of the club were seen taking their seats, waiting for show time. While waiting and chilling with bottles of champagne, energy drinks, beer, among others, about 10 of the ladies will mount the podium, making sexy gestures with dance steps that are in tandem with music cascading from the high decibel musical equipment.
The girls, whose number quickly rose to about 30, will begin the night’s ritual with their erotic overtures delivered in dance steps.

Trying harder to stir the animalistic tendencies in their audience, they erotically started pulling off scanty clothing in bits. At last, both the bras, and G-string pants were off. After some more suggestive dances, they lowered their frame on the podium and their fingers will begin caressing one another’s body. As they further spread their legs like the pages of a book, their fingers, from the boobs went down the clitoris, causing sizzling sensation of a sort.

By now, the mood seems set, as the obviously aroused audience began breathing in with force, a sign of an uncontrollable urge for romance and quickie sex. With this sign of palpable readiness, the strippers, who are mostly beautiful damsels, will initiate moves for lap dance-the major reason regular pub crawlers prefer strip clubs to others. The lap dance which involves the unclad girls sitting astride men in a mock sex goes for a 1000 Naira fee. With the patrons caressing the girls’ boobs and private parts, the night crazily went on.

As the sizzling sensation continued, the “no sex in the lounge rule” was violated by some customers, mostly ladies, who were carried away by the girls’ sensuous moves, thereby ‘doing’ it openly. While some tactically controlled their sensuous noise, others were betrayed as they screamed in sexual ecstasy.

Strangely, besides the handful of randy men who were already in sizzling romance and quickie sex with the raunchy dancers, there were also women in their good numbers who were seen savouring the romantic moment. Like a bolt from the blue, sounds from the screaming of intensely aroused women also filtered out from different angles. Expectedly, the noise did not come from the strippers; they came from the highly placed society women (lesbians) who, like their male counterparts, came to derive sexual pleasures from the strippers and were engaged in the raunchy dance too.

Aside the lap dance, to entertain and arouse the sexually deviants and Lagos big girls who filled better parts of the club, those unable to control their mood were seem going beyond the bargained, as they pleaded with the strippers for ‘blow jobs’.
With this sexually charged atmosphere, the club premises became a beehive of activities  with women (lesbians) taking the lead.

Inquisitiveness on the part of this reporter led to a conversation with one of the strippers who simply introduced herself as Lizzy. Tall, fair skinned and pretty, Lizzy was not different from her colleagues, except for her sagging boobs, and strange ascent. Below is the excerpts of the conversation which ensued between SE and the obviously intoxicated stripper who went down memory lane, sharing her life as a strip dancer, collapsed marriage and the discreet lifestyle of Nigerian lesbians whom she services in and outside the club.

How did you know I must ejaculate by your mere dance with me?
I swear, if I handle you in lap dance, you must ‘come’. There are some strippers here that you will not enjoy. They will just rub you with their boobs and bums, then collect your money. But if I handle you, I swear you must ‘come’. Didn’t you see how the woman sitting at your back was screaming when I handled her? That woman is a big lady. She is heading one big company at Victoria Island.

It’s like you knew her before now?
No! She just saw me and called me. I sucked the hell out of her. She said she will invite me to her place tomorrow. I swear, I will finish her when I get there. I go make her cry.
What do you mean; what will you use to make her cry?
See the kind questions you are asking me! I will suck the hell out of her. That is the only thing she wants. I will do to her what I did to one woman (lesbian) that took me home last week after our lap dance. She works with a bank. I finished that woman.
Does it mean she doesn’t have a boyfriend?
She is even married. She said she has two kids. She said she can stay one year without making love to her husband; but that she can’t stay one week without being sucked or caressed by a fellow woman. She is not the only one. I have many of them that I go to their houses or hotels to service. Some come here every Friday.
You must have made so much money?
I have made millions from this club. Do you know how many years I have spent here? I have a house in Cameroun where I come from. I have two kids who are in one of the best schools in Cameroun. Men are evil. I was married before. He travelled out, saw another woman and abandoned me.

Meanwhile, over the years, many clergies in and outside Lagos State have condemned the existence of nude clubs; noting that the African culture frowns at deliberate public display of a woman’s nakedness. Particularly, the immediate past Archbishop of the Lagos Catholic Diocese, Cardinal Anthony  Okogie, condemned their existence, saying that evil has completely taken over Lagos. Okogie who called on Governor Babatunde Fashola to act immediately in order to arrest the trend by shutting down such club, stated thus:

“Evil has taken over Lagos State. The way things are going, when girls of between the ages of 15 and 25 dance unclad and throw caution to the wind with boys and men watching them, then they are sending a wrong signal to the society. It portends danger. We are sitting on a loaded gun. “I hope this is not making mockery of Lagos as a mega-city, Centre of Excellence and City of Aquatic Splendour.” Okogie had said in a statement signed by the Director of Social Communications in Lagos, Monsignor Gabriel Osu.
However, the question begging for urgent answer on the lips of Lagos residents is whether the gentlemen’s clubs, as they are fondly called, which are gradually turning into havens for Sodom and Gomorrah acts, are operating within the ambits of the law.

Strip club operation is said to have started in Lagos in the 80’s. Then,  some hangouts in Apapa used to bring in  ladies who were used  in  meeting  the  sexual needs  of  European  sailors who often visited the hangouts while on trips  to Lagos. The operation gradually gained ground and has now become fully rooted in Lagos State.

This article was written By: JAMES EMMANUEL (jamescode2000@yahoo.co.in) for Entertainment Express, Nigeria.



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